Other teams' games through December 2021 and New Year 2022

Thought a single thread might be a good idea, as matches come thick and fast now. It's tricky to open a new one each 'round' of games.

I can hardly keep up with the FF deadlines....


  • Now thats how you open a thread Mrs grey =)
  • Tomkins just scored for Palace. Everton really in a slump these days. My Toffee mate is down in the dumps. Oh, and early in the game Zaha and Delph had a bit of an argy bargy and Zaha put his hand in Delphs face. Ref didn't even give a yellow. #puzzling

    And ManU have a Covid outbreak so Tuesdays game might be off. When are they going to fit all the postponed games in?
  • This ref. Hopeless. Coleman throws Zaha to the ground to stop the break, then falls on the ball and grabs it.

    Not a yellow, apparently.

    They'll be fisticuffs soon, cos ref has lost control.
  • I hate palace with a passion. But what a player Gallagher is.
  • Hamstew said:

    I hate palace with a passion. But what a player Gallagher is.

    He’s a Chelsea loanee.
  • in my ff team :) obs not a spud
  • In which case you can thank me for his points haul. I transferred him out this week.
    You're welcome.
  • 9.32pm. Ham be like :(
  • So, Match of the Day running order predictions, anyone?
  • I would like Leeds to hammer Arsenal.
  • Leeds will do well to keep it under five. Nine injuries and no covid. How's your luck?
  • There should be a clinical study into why professional footballers, especially those in the PL, have a much lower pain threshold than the general population. The way they scream and roll in pain at the slightest touch is baffling. My wife has virtually a zero pain threshold but even she wouldn’t react in the way players do.
  • Arsenal are getting the sort of shooting practice teams normally have in pre match warm ups.
  • Arsenal could better City’s 7 here.
  • No yellow card for Xhaka?
  • And now Leeds player does same thing and gets a yellow. Both reviewed by var.

    Var still isn't being used properly imo.
  • It's not the tech MrsG, it's the operators.
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with VAR, it's the morons operating it and how and what they are able to use it for is where the problems lie.
  • But it can’t operate without them so if they’re no use then it’s broken.
  • It's always been the officials who get it wrong whether on the pitch or operating VAR. We currently have a poor batch of referees, who are also poorly instructed.
  • The decline in standards seems to be a result of fewer people wanting to become referees because of the abuse they receive at all levels, from grassroots to FIFA.

    A recent article from the BBC


    Another from 2019


    And another from 2017


    If fewer refs are starting at grassroots then the quality of those progressing to the top tier is going to be effected

    So if someone is making bad decisions in the Premier League its because a better referee gave up after little Timmy's dad lost his rag at an under-11s match
  • Excuses, excuses.
  • But what's the solution to this? We can't ban parents from the touchline and we can't get police to watch over the ref at every match at grassroot level, either.
  • Fines for parents? Kid gets a suspension? I know that's very harsh for the kid but maybe it would force the parent to think more. A lot of those horrible parents are also shouting at their own kids.
  • The parents get a ban. You abuse the ref, you're banned for the season. You turn up on a ban, your team automatically loses 3-0.
  • A bit draconian but too much pussyfooting around never gets anyone anywhere.
  • IronHerb said:

    Excuses, excuses.

    Do you not think it’s accurate though?
  • But if parents get a ban then more like as not the kid just won't get taken to training or the match. These parents often see their kids as extensions of their own self and if you ban the parents they will spit their dummy out and extend the ban to their kids.
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