January Transfer Window 2019



  • Hamstew said:

    I don't think it would be the worst business to sell him for the right price and then use that money to try and get Callum Wilson

    Don't Chelsea want him?
  • Maybe but we could still try and get him.
  • While him going to China is surely about money....if he goes the he will make 5 years his current salary in 1 year over in china

    I do think that a player should be aiming for prestigous titles, fan acclaim etc but if I was offered 5x my current salary I'd probably do it
  • WHU the only difference is Arnie is earning a fortune per week already, if u also are then Well done!.....
    Its like if u earn £2000 per week and can earn £10000 a week fair enough, but when he's already earning a fortune a week, does he need a dynasty as well!
  • Even if we get £50M, it's difficult to see us replacing him with it. How many £50M players will want to come to a mid-table PL club?

    We'd just end up overpaying for somebody who isn't as good, IMO.
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    Even if we get £50M, it's difficult to see us replacing him with it. How many £50M players will want to come to a mid-table PL club?

    We'd just end up overpaying for somebody who isn't as good, IMO.

    Probably not but that's the cycle of a club not in the top 6. You have to have a manager that knows how to recruit well.

    If Arnie downs tool Payet style though.
  • Ginger signs with Ipswich until the end of the season
  • But you don't buy a £50m player. You buy a £20-25m player, like Arnie,
  • You know as well as I do they will do the absolute minimum so that they do get paid and pick up their wages.
  • The annoying thing that gets to me the most is that the vast majority of PL players will play in the region of 60 to 70 hours of competitive football per season. For this they get huge sums of money but are never satisfied.
    All this talk of wanting to play CL football etc is for most players absolute rubbish. They are driven by money and contracts and/or loyalty mean nothing to them. Kissing badges and in our case the crossed arms gesture are just tokens.
  • Lee Clayton (head of talksport and WH season ticket holder) has tweeted...

    Marko Arnautovic has trained, is fully fit and has declared himself available for selection. Expect goals and fireworks against Arsenal. He is “in the mood” it is said. Expect theatre. Atmosphere will be rocking.
  • ;hmm So 2 goals in the first 10 mins then a straight red after 12 mins ;whistle
  • Its too soon for Nasri to show/regain the level he was at yet but hes got the quality/class that would have been out of our reach in the not too distance past (unless we miraculously found him in our academy). He, Andersen (and Wilshere if he could actually stay fit) and Rice alongside Yarmo and Lanzini when they return, represent a level of player that bodes well for whoever we have up front (assuming Carroll, Hernandez and Arnie all leave in the near future).

    So whilst Arnie will be a loss, the funds we'd bring in I'd say Pelle would be capable of bringing in his own front men.

    Its the first time in ages I've trusted a managers judgement. So I'm not stressing about it as we're a club thats upwardly mobile

    Anyway, I have to write something as I havent contributed for a bit ;wink
  • they generally train for about 2 hours per day. I still believe that if a player signs a contract and he’s on about £5M pa then he should honour it and maybe chase the £10-15M pa when that contract ends.
    Regardless of whether it’s a short career or not most players earn in a year what most people earn in their working lives but they don’t seem to appreciate it.
    Your example of a 15-20 year career will bring most of them upwards of £50M net. Even if they didn’t do a days work after retiring they will be more than comfortable
  • thorn

    I still believe that if a player signs a contract and he’s on about £5M pa then he should honour it
    But surely then that should work the other way: if a player signs for a club for 5 years, they can't get shot until the 5 years are up.

    If we are happy to see clubs sell players before the end of their contracts, we must also accept players leaving before the end of their contracts.

    I don't really see how much money they are paid enters into it.
  • That’s exactly how it should work. Contracts should be honoured by both parties. Obviously any contract can be terminated by mutual consent but that doesn’t seem to apply too much in football. Trouble is fans are very fickle and have double standards whilst many on here are anti Arnie’ s proposed move they seem more than content on the club getting rid of players they, the fans, don’t like even if the player doesn’t want to go.
    I think the money does enter into it because if a player signs a long term contract and is happy with what he’s being paid he shouldn’t go chasing more about 20% into it.
  • January window should not be allowed except for emergency signing for a crucial position (e.g. goalkeeper). It helps wealthy clubs and enables good (and even mediocre) players to hold Clubs to ransom whilst the other teams are disrupted. Confine all recruitment to the summer window.
  • Some countries have football seasons that start at the end of summer while others have seasons that start at the end of winter, if transfers were only allowed in the summer then that would be mid-season in some countries.
  • Ok. So let's assume Arnie goes and we hold out for £50m.

    Who should we realistically be looking at to replace him? Wilson? Bats? Or do we plug the gap with Carroll or Antonio and wait until the summer?
  • Was really pleased watching today and feeling that Arnie is one of our best players and not our best. He’s one of about 5 really good players at the club right now and if he goes we can attract decent players. I have faith in Pellegrini.

    Would quite like Carroll to also go to really have two new fast centre forwards
  • No way Bournemouth would sell Wilson let alone in Jan and the cost would be stupid.
  • Giroud on loan.
    Origi on loan.

    are probably the best bets.
  • Origi wouldn’t be a bad shout. Lots of pace and is decent on the ball. Giroud is a good player but wouldn’t suit our style.

    There aren’t really any players out there that I am desperate for as a replacement, but I trust Pellegrini and the board to find someone suitable should they need to.
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    Think Klopp said he's keeping Origi for season, Giroud has been poor of late, although I would have loved him a season or 2 ago...Can always recall Jordan!! ;yercoat
  • Batshuayi on loan?
  • Adam said:

    Batshuayi on loan?

    Would probably be my choice ;ok
  • Can’t help feeling we’d get mugged off in January, especially if every selling club knows we have £40M in the bank.

    I would make do until the summer unless it’s somebody Pelle has had lined up for a while and really wants.
  • I think we’d have to act fast since other clubs will be interested in Batshuayi. But I don’t think we will since we’ll try to get as much as we can for Arnie.

    This is all assuming we are prepared to let him leave, of course.
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