January Transfer Window 2019



  • I’m far from a fan of Shelvey, but can’t help thinking he would suit our style better than Carroll does.

    It isn’t just that Carroll struggles to control the ball and gives away a foul every three jumps. It’s more that when he’s on the pitch, we waste so many good positions with bad crosses aimed in his general direction.
  • Who would you leave out in MF so that Shelvey plays?
  • I’m not suggesting he’s a starter. I’d have all of Rice, Noble, Obiang, Snoddy and Wilshere ahead of him.

    But I think Shelvey’s passing style better suits us than Carroll’s aerial prowess, if we’re talking about which I’d rather have in the squad.
  • Jorderz

    Then it would be a bad deal for us, IMO.

    If AC does go, we would need a striker much more than a 5th choice MF player.

  • Bare Faced Cheek off injured.

    Managers crossing him off their wish list, methinks.
  • grey ;ok

    I see your point, but we only play 1-2 strikers, whereas we play at least 2 midfielders, sometimes 3, and one of those is Wilshere (and therefore likely to be injured most of the time).

    Strikers we have Arnie, Hernandez, Perez, Silva and even Antonio.
  • Apparently, Bournemouth have signed Solanke from Liverpool knowing he will be out for around a month with an injury.
  • Oxford wasn't even in the U-23 team today. I don't think he is injured. I can't help wondering whether he is another Ravel Morrison, plenty of talent but but poor application and attitude and unlikely to realize his potential.
  • I wonder what part, if any, the match against Arsenal in which Slav plucked him out and started him to the surprise of everyone has changed his career?

    The expectation and time frame must have changed around him immediately after such a performance, and possibly his own view of himself and those around him.

    That performance actually happened, he was superb, he was composed, strong and skilful against a very good Arsenal side. That guy had a premiership career just waiting for him, yet since then he has failed make the breakthrough. It is a strange one?
  • You decide....

    the prisoner

    1 million
  • Read something about an Everton interest but as you say a mystery to be honest
  • Don't want him,Dont need him ,that should be the end of it
  • We can do better then shelv
  • Not sure we can. Suze, can you enlighten us on the conundrum of signing or not signing Shelvy please?
  • Do you mean in a rant like way Preston
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    Dembele looks like he is off to Asia for £9m. What a bargain.
  • ;ok

    Although £11m, here https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46792282

    Vincent Janssen ;tumbleweed
  • Perez to Real Betis according to the Standard. We want to sell, Betis want a loan.
  • I can assume Betis don't require goals then.

  • https://whufc.com/news/articles/2019/january/08-january/pellegrini-there-are-not-too-many-players-andy-carrolls

    Doesn’t sound like Carroll is going anywhere any time soon.

    Or is this a well-timed sales pitch aimed at drumming up some interest from other clubs ;hmm

    Carroll is such an enigma. Can be unplayable. Can be utter toilet. I guess he's a good Plan B from the bench still; a last ten minutes kind of player when you're chasing a game or defending a narrow lead. But is that worth £90k a week? ;hmm

    Just don't like how his game time this season has affected our style of play. He's so different to all of our other forwards that we're forced to play a different when he's on the pitch than if Arnie, or Hernandez, or even Perez were up front.
  • I can't be alone in wanting to see Andy Carroll and Hernandez together up front a few times this season.

    Can I?
  • shf


    I've always wanted to see him play in a genuine top 2.

    There was a glimpse in the Brum game, when he nodded down to Anderson, who played him back in and he went round the keeper.

    For me, the only question is whether the club gambles on his fitness.
  • The thing that frustrates me about Carroll is his determination to drop deep and show he can play with his feet. He can't. He takes too long to sort them out and slows down play, then he's not in the right position to get onto a cross.
  • He's just too slow

    And I agree I dunno why he feels he should be dropping deep, especially as he doesn't have the legs to make up the ground and make it into the box

    The game is changing, he is too one dimensional and he can't even be as much a threat in the air as nowadays as refs will always blow for a foul
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    Either way Carroll has to go in the summer. He's not worth even half his current wage.
  • The only way I would keep Carroll would be on a play and pay contract.
  • In his defence, he prevented a certain goal at one end and scored one at the other end against Brum, so effectively +2 goals.
    Some people are never satisfied. ;biggrin

    If Pelle sees value in him, that's good enough for me.

  • All Carroll needs is match time to get fit but Pelle knows that the team and results are more important than getting one player match fit. If he's going to play two up front I suspect he's going to pick Arnie and Hernandez ahead of Carroll

    As for the article on the club website he was hardly going to say Carroll had no future here but while he says that Andy wants to stay at West Ham and wants to stay in London Pelle never actually says that he wants AC to stay at West Ham.

    Carroll to Fulham, Palace or QPR in the summer; you heard it here first.
  • Sorry even if Pelle wants him, Carroll is an injured sick note we need off the books he is paid as one of our best players and barely plays. The guy should have been moved on long ago.

    He needs to go as much as Arsenal Fans wanted Wenger to go.
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