January Transfer Window 2019



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    We certainly have ;scarf
  • trying to get Batshuayi on loan.

    Guardian reporting we want him on loan, Chelsea want to sell. Everton are interested, but Chelsea want £35m (that's more than they paid for him).
    West Ham have rejected an offer from Dutch club Heerenveen to take Reece Oxford on loan until the end of the season.
    Sky Sports News have been told “the players is now prepared to see out his contract until 2021 because of the politics surrounding the player and the way he has been portrayed."

    Wonder what that is all about? ;hmm

    Maybe he wants to prove a point. I think there's been a disgusting portrayal of him by the ITK community, using words like "poisonous", without any kind of evidence being brought up apart from the fact he wanted to play senior football. Same language was never used against Rice as he asked for higher wages and left Ireland hanging. Rice had the right to those things and has been treated well. I've never seen any evidence to justify the way Oxford has been spoken about. He might've wanted to move for more football, especially after Rice overtook him, but I don't see what's wrong with that. To me, that statement, if accurate, reads like he wants to show he isn't a bad kid. I'd be ecstatic if he managed that and was even 2/3 the player Rice is.
  • That reads to me that he is happy to take the money. If so the "poisonous" claims may have some validity.
  • Why wouldn't he get the money on loan?
  • If he goes on a free then he gets a huge signing on fee.
  • Have I missed something? Why would he go on a free?
  • If he sees out his contract.
  • So he is planning to see out his contract and leave on a free in 2021 which means he loses 2 years playing time?
  • I don't know but it's been reported that Pelle said he should go to get playing time.
  • Or should have got his nut down to earn playing time here
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    I think there's a more obvious meaning to what he's saying then the idea that he's going to wait two years for a signing on fee. By which point, having not been bothered about playing, he might not get much of a signing on fee.

    Pelle has spoken about him having a lot of competition but maybe he sees how understocked we are beyond Rice, Diop and Balbuena as the first options and thinks he has a chance. Maybe the way he's been spoken about makes him want to prove a point.
  • Just remembered we let go Collins for nothing.
  • Michy ;pray
  • Not saying they're wrong as such, but a nice positive reference to West Ham as usual:


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