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    Totally disagree.

    IF Pelle wants him, that trumps all, in my book.

    Either he's the manager, and we assume he knows what he is doing, or we think he doesn't, in which case we should want him gone.

    He's not always going to be right, but second guessing him is pointless, imo.

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    When it comes to players who have being here a lot longer than the manager and spent more time on the treatment table than on the pitch, then it Doesn't for me. ;ok

    If he decides to give Carroll another contract he will have made a massive mistake.
  • I’ve always thought that AC is a better player than a lot give him credit for-in that kind of old cliché -“he’s good on the ground for a big guy”.
    The obvious problem is his injury record,but I guess that’s not going to change anytime soon.If it’s possible to feel sorry for a multi- millionaire then I do, because I think he would have a wonderful career if he’d kept fit.
  • For me, if Pelle - who sees him every day in training, and has an idea of how he wants to use him to win games - wants him, that's good enough for me.

    His injury record is a different matter - I don't believe the manager should make decisions taking that into account.

    If his medical record+history is to be taken into account then (just like for a new transfer) that's a matter for the medical dept to advise the board on and they make the final decision about the money.

    There are 2 separate areas of responsibility and decision-making, imo.
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    I can't see how that's a different matter. Its apart of the package, a manager has to take everything into consideration when it comes to a player. He manages the players and the team, his injury record is apart of that especially if it is a player under his own stewardship currently.

    I.E its not Bournemouths medical team that will get sacked for signing an injured Solanke if it goes down the pan. It will be Eddie Howe.

    The medical team are there to advise but its ultimately the managers responsibility to select and offer the contract knowing that his injuries could prevent or limit him in the future. The board has already said that Pellegrini has the final say in all transfers, so I cant see how the medical dept advising the board would then overrule Pellegrini if that agreement is already in place that he chooses whether to or not sign said injury plagued player.
  • Given that AC is out of contract in the summer, and that he has stated he wants to remain here, then the board have the upper hand in any contract negotiations. He'd likely have to accept a greatly reduced salary and/or a contract based on appearances.
  • ;ok

    Although he hasn't said he wants to remain here at all costs. I imagine there's an implied caveat in his comment.
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    The guy should have been moved on long ago.

    Yeah because so many teams were desperate to match hthe £80k a week wages of a player with a horrible injury record.

    As for China or Turkey he's got two kids and his Missus has just open a yoga studio in Loughton so as Pellle says he doesn't want to move outside London.

    A lot of people seem to live in a fantasy football world rather than the real world.
  • If pelle wanted Wiltshire with his record
    What wrong with Carrol?
  • MIAHammer said:

    Let’s accept the offer from China and send them AC instead. Maybe they won’t notice. And if they do, we’ll just say it was lost in translation.


    Checking with my lawyers for copyright infringement ;whistle
  • Sun reporting Man City want Rice good job we signed him up long term
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    Sun reporting Man City want Rice good job we signed him up long term

    These days a contract is worth about as much as the paper it is written on.

    Rice is such a fantastic prospect who imo could fit into any premier league side that this rumour worries me more than arnie leaving.
  • If Rice continues his development he will go about the time he is 21. It is inevitable but if we can get £50m-£60m for him then that is a hell of money to reinvest & I have always said one thing we have never done consistently as a club is raise funds through assets. It is the way to keep delevoping. Yes there is a fine line between raising funds & keeping your best players but until we become a club that competes for the top four, we will always lose our best players when the big money & teams come calling. I can see Rice at City when he is 22 but he has plenty of time on his side & no need to rush a transfer.
  • I think he will stay for a few years at least we are not going to lose him on a free now that he signed up. If City come calling we need to do Spurs and put a silly price on him . I think if he opts for England over Ireland might make him even more attractive as he will help City's homegrown player quota
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    He will help their quota anyway. His interational allegiance doesn't affect that. It's about where you developed as a youth. ;ok
  • City have more money then sense

    And you look at their squad the only area of weakness is replacing fernandinho (who's 33?)

    Rice would be a perfect replacement

    He won't leave for 2 years at least
  • The East Anglian Daily Times has reported that Ipswich Town boss Paul Lambert is hopeful of completing a deal for central defender James Collins ‘by the end of the day’.

  • We could do worse than offering him a deal til the end of the season given Balbuena's injury
  • ;quaver Sign him up, sign him up, Ginger Pelé ;quaver

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    Sun reporting Man City want Rice good job we signed him up long term

    Every club worth its salt who employes a scout with more that 8 functioning brains cells is looking at Rice.

    #notastory #notathing
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    ;quaver Sign him up, sign him up, Ginger Pelé ;quaver

    ;quaver sign up, sign him up, we say ;quaver
  • I don't think it would be the worst business to sell him for the right price and then use that money to try and get Callum Wilson
  • So Mitrovic = 50m - Arnie = 35m. Which is the more realistic figure?
  • Be like the cast from Grange hill, just say NO........

    Sooner or later you have to say we expect our players to honour their contracts. If he sulks let him sulk.
  • Who would want to run a football Club? Contracts and signed agreements mean little to too many players as they chase the next lucrative move. Agents have every incentive to engineer discontent and invite bids as that enriches them too. Where are the likes of Noble and Brooking?
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    35m when mitrovic touted for 50m. Kk lol
  • Mitrovic is 24
  • Be like the cast from Grange hill, just say NO........

    Benny (real name Terry Sue-Pratt) used to drink in my local, to say he didn't say "NO" would be a polite way of putting it.

    He gave me a paperback of "The Graduate" signed by Dustin Hoffman while "tired and emotional". Died in 2015.

  • https://google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/8162026/fulham-reject-aleksandar-mitrovic-offer/amp/

    Unnamed Chinese Club are busy today. Reports that they bid £50m for Mitrovic...

    ;lol more money than sense
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