Potential Takeovers and Investors



  • Tbf paying off debt isn't the worst thing in the world

    For all the heat our owners got this summer they spent net over £50mil with Zouma and Vlasic with very little coming back

    Once the debt is reduced and we see the benefits of the Europa money I'm sure they can again loosen the purse string even further
  • Massiveski

    You called?
  • Exchanging debt for equity must be good as long as it is to the right people, I get the feeling they are and hope Sullivan and Gold have made the right choice. Based on the rumours of the value that G & S put on the club of circa 700 million this could reduce debt by almost 200 million. That should make it easier to spend when needed.
  • According to C&H, I know, I know, Kretinsky invested £150m for his 27% which values the Club at £555m.

  • From the official site.

    West Ham Ownership -

    David Sullivan 38.8%
    David Gold 25.1%
    WHU LLC* 8.0% (J Albert Smith)
    Other investors 1.1%
    1890s holdings a.s 27.0%

  • Even if it’s £555m that’s an awful lot more than Newcastle sold for. That’s the difference between big and MASSIVE .
  • I know little about such things but sounds a lot for a team that doesn't even own a stadium. Does anyone know how players value is used to establish value? in theory Rice is worth 100m at present. Are players assets?
  • Ownership from the website

    David Sullivan 38.8%
    Daniel Křetínský 27%
    David Gold 25.1%
    Albert 'Tripp' Smith 8%
    Other investors 1.1% (aka Terrance Brown's gang)
  • So it’s no longer GSB and instead is GKSB
  • alderz, More like SKGSOB? 😁
  • I think I once had a pint of GKSB...
  • Just the one? 🤪
  • I liked what he had to say, I think the club may have got a good investor in Kretinsky.
  • Reads very well
  • If Kretinsky has the option to buy then Sully has the obligation (not right) to sell.
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    I do home West Ham share dealings don't mess up the Club's European future. As reported here https://www.whu606.com/discussion/11431/potential-takeovers-and-investors/p8 . Article five of UEFA’s constitution states that ‘no individual or legal entity may have control or influence over more than one club participating in a UEFA club competition’.

    In my book Daniel Kretinsky's holding of 27% of shares and a seat on the board is translated as "influence" and WHU could fall foul of UEFA rules and be denied a place in European competition. Hopefully, someone at the hierarchy has thoughjt about this. The Club don't have a good history of understanding the football rules. Remember the Omoyinmi episode, the acquisition of Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano and the recent exclusion from EFL Trophy for fielding an ineligible player.
  • So how do Red Bull Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg get by? 🤔
  • Presumably they have different people on the boards, and there’s an ownership thing in Germany that maybe means they aren’t technically Red Bull. I know that it’s hey aren’t allowed to be called Red Bull - their name is RassenBallsport Leipzig (which I think means “lawn ball sports Leipzig”)
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    That is indeed correct alderz.
  • Although rassen in German means races.
  • I love the depth of knowledge on this forum.

    Does anyone know how many times since the Europa league accepted champions league drop throughs that the competition has been won by a drop through or a Europa starter?
  • I love the depth of knowledge on this forum.

    Does anyone know how many times since the Europa league accepted champions league drop throughs that the competition has been won by a drop through or a Europa starter?

    I was going to google it, but I’d rather just have you tell us / someone else know
  • Did Chelsea not do it? They won the Champion League, and I think the Europa the next year.
  • I think he means a team who started in the Champions league and then after Christmas, ended up in the Europa league. Man Utd did it under Mourinho.
  • CL rejects to the EL started in 2009-10

    Atletico Madrid 2010, 2018
    Chelsea 2013
    Sevilla 2016

    Runners up
    Braga 2011
    Benfica 2013, 2014
    Inter 2020
    Man U 2021

    Chelsea v Benfica 2013 was the only all CL rejects final

    Man U won in 2016-17 but did it through the Groups. Finished 2nd in Group A
  • Well researched ASLEF, I thought they had but they won the F.A. Cup the year before, hence why they were in the EL.
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