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  • It feels to me that unless they make an offer that simply can't be refused they will be rejected, and from what I have seen rightly so.
  • jay, is that PAI or GSB you're posting about? 😂
  • I have no problems with GSB TBH only PAI!!
  • From the Sam Wallace column in todays Telegraph -
    A spokesman for PAI told the Sunday Telegraph that a new bid will be made this week which it says it hopes will “allow us to close a deal in the coming weeks”.

    Also -
    As for the questions on PAI’s side, it says that there is no ongoing investigation into Piriyev’s father Nizami who was arrested in Azerbaijan in 2015 and subsequently released. It says the episode was linked to the collapse of a state-backed bank which then recalled loans to companies including those owned by Nizami. “A difficult decision”, PAI says, was made to sell the family’s main asset in the country, a petrochemical plant, to “enable the release” of Nizami . An Interpol arrest notice against his son Nasib, PAI says, has since been revoked.

    Wait and see time.
  • Everything I read just makes me say 'please no'!
  • Unless they make a massive bid, along the lines of 700 million, then Sullivan might accept bid, very much doubt the bid will be more than 500 million though, which won't be accepted.
  • But that would be excessive as it doesn't include the stadium.
  • Perhaps the bid would need to be to persuade our current owners that don't want to sell ( by all reoprts )...?
  • I found it interesting that he backs their bid but also has a column in tonight’s match day programme
  • Lukerz said:

    I found it interesting that he backs their bid but also has a column in tonight’s match day programme

    I would imagine the column was published and printed before his PAI involvement.

    Maybe the next home game's programme will be more telling.
  • I won't be the first time.

    Cottee was employed by West Ham as a match day "meeter-and-greeter" in the corporate hospitality lounge when the press broke the story that he was trying to buy the club and was told that he wouldn't be welcome back at Upton Park

    And we wonder why football players need agents to sort out their contracts...
  • He says in the interview that he understands there is a risk involved for him
  • That's good. I'd like us to have new owners but these people didn't look like good matches for us.
  • Leaves a few ex-Hammers looking a bit silly...
  • All a bit weird, really. For people that were hard-over that they wanted the club, they seem to have given up and accepted Sullivan's 'no' quite quickly.

    It's gone away as quickly as it arrived and has left me wondering whether it was a PR stunt all along. Very amateurish from the off and no real substance or professionalism to any of the press releases.
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    Leaves a few ex-MANCSHammers looking a bit silly...

    There, it's correct now if you mean ferdinand
  • It was both Ferdinands and Cottee to name just 3
  • Leaves a few ex-MANCSHammers looking a bit silly...

    There, it's correct now if you mean ferdinand
    I stopped thinking of Ferdinand as an ex-Hammer long ago. His flag is well and truly nailed to the Manure mast.
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    Was Cottee involved with PAI
  • Yep. He came on board late in the affair.
  • So my original comment stands. Ex-players are rarely good businessmen (Francis Lee was an exception.) I don't mind them endorsing a takeover/change of manager AFTER it has happened, but this looked like a vote for Qatar's World Cup bid - purely driven by money.
  • Trevor Brooking runs a successful company. I don't know the name of said company but it hasn't gone bust. 😀
  • Robbie Fowler made it onto the Sunday Times Rich List by investing in property

    Mathieu Flamini founded a successful bio chemicals company
  • Ex Bolton player Jay Jay Okocha has emailed me about an exciting investment opportunity in Nigeria, if anyone's interested?
  • Martin Braithwaite is worth a fortune apparently. Successful with property and fashion I think.
  • I remember when a players venture into business after their playing career usually involved a pub or sports shop.
  • I remember shoplifting a set of darts from the Mick Channon sports shop in Southampton. That was my dads Christmas present 😁
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