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  • I remember when a players venture into business after their playing career usually involved a pub or sports shop.

    Paul Konchesky has a pie shop in Brentwood.

  • I vaguely remember Frank Lampard senior had a haulage company.
  • Nice to hear of the successes. I did say 'rarely' : yes I was thinking of the pub managers era. Now it's all clothes and fashion lines. I wonder how Jessie's is doing now? Come on ASLEF, do your stuff!😉
  • I vaguely remember Frank Lampard senior had a haulage company.

    I think he also had a spell as an estate agent in East Ham.

  • Those on here of a certain vintage may remember Mark Lazarus. He started a removal business and did my house move once.

    Friend of the stars me. =)
  • I remember shoplifting a set of darts from the Mick Channon sports shop in Southampton. That was my dads Christmas present 😁

    my brain instantly went to imagining Channons goal celebration and him throwing darts in the same way ;)
  • not directly linked to PAI but another one has stepped into the arena
  • I read as far as I was allowed without subscribing, does it say who is going to sell him the 27%?

    Kretínsky is currently president of Sparta Prague with 40% shares, They're currently 2nd in Group A of the Europa League so theoretically we could play them later this season
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    No it doesn't say who he'll buy from. There is some detail on who he is though and seems to have a far more transparent background than PAI. According to the article, he started in private equity, has large energy investment portfolio, 49% of Le Monde newspaper (probably loses him money but interesting) and has investments in a range of chains and companies here, in Europe and the US though many of them were struggling when he bought into them.
  • and has investments in a range of chains and companies here, in Europe and the US though many of them were struggling when he bought into them.

    Hopefully not the Czech Mike Ashley. 😬
  • I was also firewalls, but there is good comment after the article:

    "As suspected (That it would be 2023 onwards due to certain clauses) then. Let’s just hope this guy is legit and has his head screwed on, and isn’t an Ashley type owner.

    Also, while they been frustrating, GSB will deserve some credit on their way out (If they do go in the future) for generally keeping us as a stable, PL club, and if they continue to let Moyes and other managers do the work in terms of coaching, buying players and scouting them. Stadium, dodgy TalkSPORT interviews, bad negotiations, The Sun column etc etc, yes, people will have their negative opinions… but in terms of longevity and overall progress, the ship has been somewhat steadied given the perils when they took over in 2010 or whenever it was.

    For every, ‘I wish we had Leicester’s owners’, we could have gone down and seen what Hull, Blackburn, Blackpool, Sunderland, Sheffield Wednesday, Derby, Forest etc fans have seen recently. Grateful for GSB but not massively overwhelmed/in favour of them either. COYI.
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    IronHerb said:

    and has investments in a range of chains and companies here, in Europe and the US though many of them were struggling when he bought into them.

    Hopefully not the Czech Mike Ashley. 😬
    Well he did invest in Foot Locker...but also Macy's and German and French retailers. Largest stake in Sainsbury's (10%) and second-largest in Royal Mail (15%). I suspect the energy is the main source and everything else is part of him diversifying over the past few years.

    Forbes values him at £3 billion.
  • The story's on Sky too. A Kretin on Sky wanted to purchase 27% stake in the club (with and expected option to take over the club fully in the future). Apparently he's got shares in Royal Mail and Sainsburys too...

  • Is this good news or not.Really i dont know
  • Well we've already brought in 3 Czech players, we might as well be owned by one, no?
  • steve said:

    Is this good news or not.Really i dont know

    Don't know either. My impression was it's better news than PAI. There's more about him and it's clearer where his money comes from. He seems to invest in risks though. I think he cares about status - buying big stakes in Czech media and Le Monde. Investing in the media is not really about money, so maybe buying a football club is about adding to that status. I'm not sure he'll care much about the club but maybe would hire the right people to run it.
  • Kretinsky appears to be a far more professional potential investor than PIA. The time will come when the club does have new owners but for all of G & S faults there is something about having local owners that understand the club and go to most games both home and away. If he does invest it will be just another part of his extensive portfolio of business interests and may only fly in for one or two games a season. It would be nice to have vast funds to buy very expensive players but I have a bit of nostalgia for needing to be careful with what we spend and trying to get value for money and players that can be improved.
  • Tricky one. Many will never forget G,S&B for selling Upton park but we clearly needed more room for our fan base. They also used to wind me up constantly releasing drivel on social media. But recently they've been reasonably quiet ( for them ). They don't have bottomless pockets full of many and investment is needed to really push on. But I remember the chaos with the biscuit baron and not many people stepped in to take us on. Through Moyes' nounce we're now in a good place and an attractive purchase/Investment. G&S deserve credit when things work out right, as much as the stick when things were going wrong.
  • I never got into all this GSBout business and over the past two years or so I have got the impression that they have deliberately kept quiet and simply got on with the business. True, they don't have unlimited funds (but since we have FFP anyway I don't think that would really help) but I believe they have been doing a good job overall. No, they aren't perfect but then again they don't execute people who go against them or we could have faced a big mass execution after those protests w while back.
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    I think our owners have learned as they have gone along and evolved a little from the barrow boys they arrived as, a time in which Sully was commenting on everything and Brady had a football gossip column! It's nice to hardly hear from them now.

    What have they got right lately?

    I think they showed conviction in bringing Moyes back, we could argue they shouldn't have let him go, but it still took courage to bring him back as they were admitting a mistake.

    They have kept Rice when they know full well they could have cashed in probably 70-80m this year, and this has really given us a chance of some real success this season.

    They have tried back the manager financially I feel this summer, we didn't raise much from sales and yet we did bring in Zouma, Areola and Vlasik for some reasonable fees. I also get the feeling (I don't know) that Moyes alone buys now.

    What would I like to see now

    I recognise it's not in their control but I would love to get Rice to sign a new contract.

    I would also like them to recognise this season as it stands at present is probably the best chance of a trophy in a long time. It may be our last season with Rice, so in January don't let it risk falling away with an Antonio injury, If Moyes can find someone to buy or loan, and it wont be cheap, get someone who can score goals. There will hopefully be games a plenty for both and Antonio really can't play every match and this would allow us to have a proper go on all fronts. Throw caution to the wind, and go for it.

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    Still not convinced by our owners
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    I will decide once the Jan transfer window is over
  • I probably agree Exeter, I am not convinced they are good owners but I think they are a world away from the car crash owners when they first arrived, and that's because they have learned from their mistakes and possibly even listened to criticism hopefully.

    The biggest test of them will come when the eventually sell. They need really show care for the club by only selling to the right people. I don't think they did when selling Birmingham and the club have never really recovered. They are never going to experience poverty so the first question when they sell should be are these the right owners for West Ham, not is this the best financial deal I can get.
  • Barrow boys? Sullivan, Gold and Brady were at Birmingham City for 16 years, it wasn't as if they were new to football.

    Maybe after Pellegrini they realised that actually they weren't any good at running a football club but also I suspect the reason we've not heard much from them is that Moyes would only take the job if they stepped back and let him get on with running the club without interference.
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    But Aslef I’m not sure the blame could be given to the owners for the Pelle debacle as in all fairness there was not too much complaining from the fans when they got Pellegrini in , and his dud mate to do the buying, that’s what most of the people were screaming to happen for ages, just sadly for them / us the fans, they picked the wrong ones…
    I’m not their biggest fan but I still feel it could be far,far worse…

    Gold especially is a fan , a British owner of a club he/ they actually supported as a child, I can’t think there are too many of them around….
  • To be fair, I agree that they have been more reserved with their media comments etc. which is a relief.
    Hopefully Gold's Tweet yesterday celebrating Xande Silva's..... Sorry Diop's 100th game for us will keep them even quieter🙏
  • I don’t know how he selects the images. Surely he just Google’s ‘Issa Diop’ & selects an image of him? I don’t get how you can mistakenly select Xande Silva.
  • I usually stay out of chats about the board. I think they're unfairly treated. I have my criticisms but our fan base (and many clubs fan bases) are a joke with how they think it's ok to speak to people. Either online or via chants. I haven't been to a west ham for 3 years as I found the things I heard chanted about Brady absolutely vile and I don't wish to be associated with it.

    I am ending my hiatus in December for a European game. Very excited for it even if it might be a dead rubber.
  • Pelle's appointment was seen as a big push forward and he was backed in the market also, If anything it was perceived that Moyes re-appointment was seen as unambitious and going backwards.

    I could never agree with anyone who claimed them to be the worst we could have and equally with anyone who suggested we were lucky to have them.

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