Transfer rumours and speculation to take us through to summer.

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  • I've been doing some research around left backs in the Championship. There are a few that are winning particularly rave reviews, some of which are household names, and others are players I knew less about.

    Kieran Gibbs, Barry Douglas and Enda Stevens are three stand out names, but all three are in the latter end of their 20s. Gibbs has a history of injuries and a relatively poor track record in the Premier League. Douglas is 29 and was sold by Wolves as soon as they were promoted, which might indicate he isn't the right way to go. Stevens is 28 and hasn't ever played in the Premier League, and has limited experience in the Championship too.

    There are another couple of stand outs. Kristian Pedersen is 25, has a few assists this season, and has had a good impact for Birmingham this season. He's in his first season in England, and previously played for Union Berlin in Bundesliga 2.

    However, my favourite is Jamal Lewis, of Norwich. He's only just turned 21, he's played nearly 50 games for Norwich, and has just signed a new contract til 2023. This season he's played 26 times in the league (all starts). He has 3 assists, and created 7 more chances. He's also made 1.8 tackles, 0.9 interceptions, and 1.2 clearances per game. He's a recent Northern Ireland international, and has six caps for them now. His stats aren't really comparable to someone like Aaron Cresswell, for example, because he has been playing in a top of the table side for his whole career, whereas someone like Cresswell has done a lot more defending over the course of his career with us and Ipswich
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  • #statattack

    I saw Enda Stevens a few times when he was at Pompey. Decent, but not PL quality.

    Can you have a look at the stats for Lloyd Kelly, the young left back at Bristol City? Seen him linked with a few PL clubs, and Liverpool were rumoured to be looking at him as cover for Robertson.

  • Lloyd Kelly:

    24 appearances (22 starts) 1 goal, 0 assists. Created 7 chances this season in the league. 1.4 tackles, 1 interception, 2.3 clearaces per game. Based on stats, doesn't seem overly attacking, but that could be because Bristol City are a bit of a defence minded side (2nd fewest goals conceded this season). He's made 35 appearances in total across this and last season, and made his England U21 debut at the back end of 2018.

    I like the idea of both of them tbh. We clearly need reinforcement in that position, with Masuaku being "rubbish" and Cresswell about to turn 30.
  • Good statting alderz ;ok

  • alderz said:

    .... and Cresswell about to turn 30.

    Wow, had no idea he was that old.
  • Repka or scalone?
  • alderz said:

    .... and Cresswell about to turn 30.

    Wow, had no idea he was that old.
    I say "about", but what I meant was "will be 30 in December".
  • But he still only looks 15
  • alderz said:

    .... and Cresswell about to turn 30.

    Wow, had no idea he was that old.
    I would have assumed he was about 27, but he has been around a while I guess.
  • Following rumours of a £35m bid for Rice from Spurs (, West Ham have released the following response:

    Unsurprisingly, there are no sources, and almost no relevant content, with most of the article padded with quotes from when Deccers signed his new deal.

    We're going to have to get used to this kind of nonsense.
  • And £35 million lol that would be a definite no deal, as been said before lazy journalism
  • "Go away, or I shall taunt you a second time" ;lol

    A bit like:
    In US the police shout "Stop or I'll shoot"
    In UK the police shout "Stop or I'll shout 'Stop' again"

    Chelsea won't be able to sign any new players for the men's team or academy in the summer, or next January! ;nonono
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    I suspect that will solve the Hudson-Odoi conundrum.

    It will also make it v. difficult to attract a new manager if they ditch Sarri, I think.

    They only have a senior squad of about 21 players. Hazard will be off in the summer.

    I guess they'll have to use some of those kids they bought ;biggrin
  • Chelsea have so many players out on loan they can probably recall a new team if need be ;lol
  • It's all going a bit pear shaped down at the bridge... I hope that the Russian now gets bored of his toy and moves on..

    Chelsea go into Administration and have to start again from the conference...

    If Carlsberg did Schadenfreude...
  • My heart bleeds
  • Yup, they have plenty of players out on loan or squad players they dont even use e.g. Drinkwater, Christensen, Cahill, Abraham, Zouma, the always mentioned in the gossip columns Hudson Odour ;wink and the one they call Batshuayi ;weep
  • Plus Moses, Bakayoko, Kenedy, Musonda who are also out on loan

    And they have Pulisic coming in already

    My heart isn't exactly bleeding for em
  • Also, knowing the review process and how long it took R.Madrid, A.Madrid & Barca to actually get band, they have 1 or 2 Windows left before it's actually imposed
  • Champs have Real, Athletico and Barca actually formed a band.
  • Champs have Real, Athletico and Barca actually formed a band.

    Yes. Lead singer is Kurt KoSpain.
  • Manager: Ryan Giggs?
  • Champs have Real, Athletico and Barca actually formed a band.

    Basquestreet Boys
  • I didn't realise, but Lanzini, Snodgrass, Cresswell and Masuaku are all out of contract at the end of next season ;hmm
  • Not my Lanzini ;nonono
  • I felt that Masuaku would be sold this summer. The fact that his contract is up next season just that.
  • Early days....But I have to say the last few games I've been liking what ive seen from Fredericks more and more

    Looks like he's gonna be a great purchase

    And even more encouraging how impressive Johnson looked on his weaker flank
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