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  • Moyes out after Loss
  • Moyes stays after a win =)
  • Moyes most likely stays after a Loss
  • The thing that baffles me about Moyes is that he got so much extra out of pretty much every single player when he came. It wasn't that he did anything particularly impressive tactically but had players performing a couple of levels higher than they had been. Cresswell went from seeming done to creating as many chances as almost any other full back, Antonio was scoring every game, Ogbonna became a rock after being a bit inconsistent before. I remember Arsenal fans trying to tell me we had a better squad than them.

    He got the credit for that and so I think it's also on him to try and get that to work again and this is the game to start. I do think Brentford's a big game. It's at home, we've had a break for the WC and we can scratch off Arsenal as a loss to the league leaders. We have to play aggressively.
  • Yeah, when he arrived we became a team that was more than the sum of its parts, now, despite adding players that are better than those they've replaced, we seem to have gone backwards.
  • I think Moyes is at his best when he has little or no transfer budget He likes a small squad and seems to struggle when bringing in new players.
  • WHU, Do you really think if we lose this it will be the end for David Moyes?
  • Well something needs to change ,And its always the manager .hate to say it but moyes needs to go and soon
  • Moyes out, we need a change. Anyone who thinks otherwise is on another planet imo.
  • Taxi for Mr moyes. Please
  • 11 loses this season, not good enough I'm afraid. I didn't want him sacked but I can't see us staying up with him in charge.
  • Wouldn't happen but would love Kompany here as a young and exciting manager.

    Somehow i think Sean Dyche is going to rock up here though....
  • Moyes cant change our approach so i think it is time for a change. he has done well for us but this is relegation form - after spending a lot of money
  • It will be Rafa or, as a more risky choice, Parker.

    Won't be anybody else. If it's Dyche then may as well keep Moyes.
  • With the owners able to sell in March, they won't want to be in the Championship. This result might trigger changes. I like Moyes and what he's achieved, but he hast go
  • How much money has Moyes wasted btw. I wouldn't trust him with the Rice money.
    Tbh I'm not even that bothered if Rice goes anymore.
  • Break the bank and offer Poch a king’s ransom.
  • Pacqueta, Emerson, Scamecca have cost a lot of money but don't look like EPLp[layers, or may be they are not being played in their preferred positions or are surrounded by too many donkeys. Either way, it was a poor game and we are sinking. The only option is to change the manage now. Things have gone downhill ever since Pearce left.
  • Tommy Tuchel is available
  • We won't be getting anybody of that calibre. The only way is to offer an infinite wage packet which we won't.

    It will be somebody available who is outside the elite. We won't do a Villa & go & purchase a new manager from another club.
  • Lukerz said:

    We won't be getting anybody of that calibre. The only way is to offer an infinite wage packet which we won't.

    Plus a huge transfer budget, which, after last summer (fair play to the board) definitely won't be happening any time soon.

  • Leicester had to fire Ranieri to survive even though under him they won the EPL. He was too rigid and became predictable. It is the same with Moyes. We won't survive with Moyes and need a change.
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    Perhaps a mod could create a "Moyes - Stay or Go?" thread (or something similar) starting with some of the comments here.
  • A few fans from a couple rows in front of me left at about 20mins, after their first goal. The performances are embarrassing but so is our support. Just made the whole thing even more depressing.

    I don't see signs of Moyes being able to change anything. It's the same stuff every week. Produce nothing down the middle and slowly work it to the left where Cresswell's delivery rarely is well-placed or Rice forever pinging it out to Coufal who refuses to cross and just lays it off to Bowen.
  • A few fans from a couple rows in front of me left at about 20mins, after their first goal. The performances are embarrassing but so is our support. Just made the whole thing even more depressing.

    I agree, but also I get it. I didn’t bother watching tonight because I have no faith in them to make it worthwhile, and I’m not paying to be there, so if someone wants to leave then fine. I’ve always thought it goes two ways - supporters should sing and support, but they need to be given something to sing about by the players / manager.
  • It's hard for Moyes to avoid the fact that other managers are getting more from less.

    I think the defence will get better when Zouma and Aguard get to team up but the real question is where are the goals going to come from?

    I wonder if Poch could be tempted by a large sum to avoid relegation on a six month contract, if he likes the club he can stay and if he doesn't he takes the money and runs. Its hard to see his next club, possibly Chelsea but not too many other candidates. If he was wondering about a call from Argentina after the world cup that's clearly not happening now. We could have a decent budget in the summer from expected transfer funds and player sales knowing Dec is 90% likely to leave.
  • May be let Mark Noble be the caretaker manager. But Moyes isn't going to deliver anything better. He has spent £160m and the results have got worse. We can't defend, score from open play or create even though on paper we have good players. It has to be down to the tactics, moral and motivation, and all these are the manager's responsibility.
  • Former player called in today & he said that he was talking to a couple of players & they said Moyes is losing the changing room. How they played against Arsenal, the players have had enough, they would rather play on the front foot. They get beat playing two blocks of 4, so they would rather have a go.

    From an ITK friend of a friend. I've omitted the name of the former player.
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