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  • Maybe he's useless?
  • Ngakia's replacement is the kid on the left. (Doesn't that make you feel old?)

  • Shame

    No one is bigger than the club, but he looks very good in a position we are weak (although where arent we weak)

    Hope Johnson is the better prospect of the 2

    Hope Ngakia joins a non prem team
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    Be interesting to know the reason behind Ngakia not staying. I can only assume he has a club lined up that is one of the top six in it’s respective league.

    Seems rather odd that a young player who is given a surprise opportunity in the first team & makes several starts then says no to a contract where the evidence suggests they will get good game time. I cannot imagine it is a greed issue as no youngster is in a position to demand top pay after a handful of games where he has been ‘ok’ & nothing more.
  • Badly advised?
    Wants to go to a lower league where he'll play every week (PRudz and Rob Hall)?
  • Money does come into it I guess and he is probably on a 'low' wage and wants a pay rise. To how much is the question.
  • The Athletic have an article that says he wants to go because he doesn't see a path for him to develop at West Ham, despite being called up. It doesn't go too much into it but it seems part of it is about how he was called up and how it's a weigh-up between him and Johnson - who was ahead of him until the injury. I think it also said something about him seeing possibilities in France and Germany to develop.
  • Argentine forward Carlos Tevez, 36, would not rule out returning to West Ham when his contract at Boca Juniors expires. (Radio La Red - in Spanish)
  • 36, way too old, sorry but a big big NO NO
  • Decanio And Tevas to replace moyes And Nolan ,Now theres a dream team

    Chelsea want Declan Rice to lead their defence next season - and are growing confident they will wrap up a deal to sign the West Ham star this summer.
  • Can see it happening, Rav. Absolute no-brainer for young Declan. He can go back, proving all of his doubters from his youth days wrong, play with his best mate every week in an actual football stadium, have Timo Werner at the other end of the pitch and play European football rather than fighting relegation each season.

    I can't see any logical reason for him to want to stay.
  • He's already proved them wrong.
  • Sadly I reckon its a dead cert sooner or later.....alas probably sooner
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    Whilst it will be sad to see Dec go, it’s something we need to get better at; producing & buying players who become assets in demand.

    Only way a club like us is going to progress.

    Let’s hope Rice helps keep us up & he can go with our blessing.
  • IronHerb said:

    He's already proved them wrong.

    Yes, I should have said, "he can go back, having proved his doubters wrong".

    Just a nice little bonus for him. He probably knows he's too good for us and the only way we can keep him is to stay up and improve the squad in way that demonstrates we have a long-term plan to succeed. Sadly I don't think either will happen.
  • Lukerz said:

    Whilst it will be sad to see Dec go, it’s something we need to get better at; producing & buying players who become assets in demand.

    Only way a club like us is going to progress.

    We won't see that progress under the current owners. They've demonstrated over the years that they don't have the gumption to run a successful PL team. The finances and infrastructure just don't exist.

    Just feels like we've been going round in circles for decades now.
  • Would be happy for Rice

    The only player who shows any effort, and hes leagues above everyone else at the club

    Also think he has something to prove. Hes shone for us, but his England performances havent been great and many neutral fans think that hes a bit overrated and there are better options than him

    Think he will shine at a club with actual quality and a positive tactical set up
  • Josh Cullen played well yesterday by all accounts, Charlton boss Lee Bowyer said "Again he protected the back four so well in the middle of the park, Josh doesn’t really give the ball, he tidies things up, he breaks things up well. He was outstanding"

    He takes corners, free kicks, penalties and he was captain with the U23s

    Sounds familiar, maybe they have a cloning lab at Rush Green...
  • Torino are ready to sell Nigerian defender Ola Aina with Everton and West Ham among those interested in the 23-year-old. (Inside Futbol)
  • Whether we stay up or go down we need a clear out

    Unfortunately due to COVID we aren't likely going to see a lot of money available (we spent big in Jan also)

    Hopefully we can move on a lot of the dross, which unfortunately is most of the team....if we can find buyers that is

    Shall continue with the idea to buy good players from Championship, like Brentford duo Benrahma and Watkins. Championship signings aren't always going to come off, but at least they will give their full effort

  • The problem with a "clear out" of the "dross" is that if they are that bad then who is going to buy them? And if no one wants to buy them what are we supposed to do?

    Brentford could quite possibly be a Premier League team next season, they're currently 3rd and are in good form (won three in a row inc. West Brom 2nd and Fulham 5th)
  • Therein lies our problem, but unfortunately it's one weve put ourselves into

    The choices are obvious, we either keep hold of players if we dont get any bids (not good enough bids) and hope they come into some form or we reduce our asking price to get them gone (see Perez and Hernandez's leaving for small fees)

    The guys in charge need to be making those decisions

    Like Anderson. In his first season he showed what he could bring...but this season hes been a liability. After this season we'd struggle to get our money back, but if he shows the 1st season Anderson we could get more than the £40mil we paid

    The problem is worsened by covid as we sre still unsure how it will impact the market in the Prem and abroad
  • At his best, Anderson can be almost as effective as Payet but he's also almost completely opposite. He doesn't drag teams with him or force others to be better, he plays better in a team that's working well. Anderson can take on players but I think he far and away prefers to play a smart through ball and when our front three is so disjointed, when Haller is so isolated, that doesn't work.

    Anderson should stay if our manager is going to work out how to actually make our attackers work to benefit Haller and Anderson. And I actually don't see why it shouldn't work with Bowen in the team now. But if they're not going to work to their strengths then Anderson should go and Haller probably should do as well. Which is painful because I think they both have a lot of potential still.
  • After the Chelsea game, is everyone still as convinced that the squad is so rubbish? ;)
  • For the record I never said this squad was rubbish
  • After the Chelsea game, is everyone still as convinced that the squad is so rubbish? ;)

    I think the squad is rubbish, personally. I've never subscribed to the idea that all of the players are rubbish, but my view is that it is very unbalanced, lacks pace and athleticism, and has little depth.

    We have four goalkeepers on the books, and two strikers!

    I think there is a lot of work to be done on this squad over the next few transfer windows.
  • Alderz 👍

    Four keepers over 33 on the books. Two forwards. Loads of wingers. No real balance in midfield.

    Would actually be good to see Moyes be able to mould a squad over a summer & be more reflective of what he wants & feels we need.
  • Rumours that Guendouzi's up for sale. Think he might work for us. Some energy in midfield.
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