Other Games 16th & 17th April.



  • Interestingly I’ve just seen Villa, 8 points clear currently of danger, play Burnley twice in their last 7 games due to a postponed game, including last day of season. Maybe they aren’t out of it yet either, especially if Burnley win the home game.
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    I think Villa are safe, although they are on a dreadful run (lost their last 4 in the league). If Leeds don't get anything at Palace, they could get drawn into things, as their next 2 fixtures after that are City and Arsenal.
  • Lets hope Burnley repeat this against Wolves
  • It's going to be very tight down the bottom, I really do see it still as either Burnley or Everton. I think Leeds will get safe with a game to go and it be down to the last match for the other two. I think Everton have the better players but Burnley know how to fight in this situation. Out of the two sets of fixtures I would rather be Burnley.

    Burnley v Wolves
    Watford V Burnley
    Burnley v Villa
    Spurs V Burnley
    Villa v Burnley
    Burnley V Newcastle

    I predict 9 points

    Liverpool V Everton
    Everton V Chelsea
    Leicester V Everton
    Watford v Everton
    Everton V Brentford
    Everton v Palace
    Arsenal V Everton

    I predict 7 points
  • I predict 4 points for Everton. I think they are done.
  • I predict 0 points for Everton, I hope they're done
  • I think their best chance at points will be when they come up against Brentford and Palace. They'll not have much to play for by then.
  • Whilst Burnley and even Watford have games to get themselves out of it its hard to see beyond Everton staying up.

    I have more faith in Everton getting points over Brentford and Palace than Burnley getting points over Wolves, Villa, Newcastle. For their Home games.
  • Even a Brentford and Palace with nothing to play for have the capacity to outscore Everton
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    It'll still be their best chance at points imo. But I agree they'll still struggle against them.
  • It's going to be very tight down the bottom......

    Do you mean it's going to be 'squeaky bum time'? 🤪
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