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  • Zapata is causing Man U plenty of problems
  • "A huge 30 minutes coming up in the managerial career of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer."
    Good to see the BBC keeping up the cliche ridden reporting. 🤦‍♂️
  • Lukerz said:

    I haven’t seen anything other than rumour. I haven’t heard Moyes say that.

    I think his location is very significant. I can actually see him signing on loan for another 6 months in January & seeing out his contract but I don’t believe he will sign a 3 year permanent deal here.

    He has a lot of ties in the north & a lot of people who rely on him.

    I think most people on this forum put a lot of stock in what Ex says. The fact that he has said that we are likely to go back in for him, because Moyes wants to, is more than just a rumour.
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    I’m confident we will go for Lingard and get him.
    While Benrahma has definitely improved this season he IMO is still very much inconsistent, even though he has good goals / assists…

    If there is one player at risk of losing his place in the team at the moment it would be him (IMO)… and knowing he’ll not be around in January won’t help his cause..

    Lanzini Is already getting close to pushing him out of the starting 11 (IMO) with Benrahma not shining in his last number of games, and adding Lingard would add to this slight doubt, especially that he’s going to AFCON in January..

    I’d be very happy if we signed Lingard, Moyes always states he wants players that will improve us, and Lingard definitely does that IMO..⚒️⚒️⚒️
  • I've seen people mention we don't need another attacking midfielder, and bringing in Lingard will restrict our current players. To me this is completely incorrect.

    We are a team that currently is, and has inspiration to continue to be in future seasons, a team that challenges on 4 fronts.

    For that, in my opinion you need effectively a whole 2nd 11. Plus a couple of odd extras (E.g. a third Keeper)

    Moyes mostly plays 4231. Therefore we need 6 players to cover AM positions. We currently have: Fornals, Benrahma, Bowen, Lanzini, Vlasic, and Yarmolenko. Therefore we are currently covered.

    However, most agree that while Yarmo is a quality player, his skill set doesn't really fit in with how why try to play. Also all indications seem to suggest he will be leaving at his contract end in the summer. We thus will need a replacement in the summer anyway. On top of this, Benrahma is almost certain to be going to the ACON, being away for a fair portion of January and February. So it makes sense if a player is abailble to improve our squad, get them in the winter transfer window to cover Benny, enhance our current squad, and be the summer long term Yarmo replacement.

    We know Lingard's quality and what he brings to our team, so if he is interested we should try to get it done IMO, he'd be a great addition, and improve our competition in that area. But even if he won't come to us we will definitely need 1 more AM come summer anyway.
  • I genuinely feel if he was interested he would have signed last summer. I get people may be optimistic but I will be shocked if he signs for us.
  • I don't agree. I think that he wants to be a Man Utd player, so he stayed there. It's becoming ever more apparent that he's not going to get the gametime he wants, and he will leave. I still think he'll be more likely to come to us than anyone else, if we go in for him.
  • Fair enough 👍
  • If OGS gets fired ,Someone comes in plays Lingard in every game ,He will just sign a new contract =)
  • Lukerz said:

    I genuinely feel if he was interested he would have signed last summer. I get people may be optimistic but I will be shocked if he signs for us.

    Based on absolutely nothing, I think he'd have been happy with the move, but Man Utd priced us out of a move in a bluff that backfired. Wouldn't be at all surprised if both Moyes and Lingard wanted the move, but they discussed giving Lingard one more chance of making it at his boyhood club, whilst allowing his value to depreciate enough to make him much more affordable to us.

    I think the move will happen.
  • A perfect scenario in my view is that he would sign another loan agreement similar to last season which I think was for around 5m. Although a large sum I think he would increase our finishing position in the competitions we are in if he adds anything like what he did last season, and that would increase prize money also.

    This relies on him stating he wont sign a new contract or agree a transfer, very possible in my view.

    It relies on OGS recognising he wont be using him much and happy to recover a 5m fee rather than nothing in the summer. Unlikely in my view as we will be their competition in the league.

    It would suit Lingard as gives him football in a team fighting for trophies but doesnt commit him to a club.
  • Then why wouldn't OGS sell him for £5m in January?
  • steve said:

    If OGS gets fired ,Someone comes in plays Lingard in every game ,He will just sign a new contract =)

    So we need Man Utd to play below average but not atrocious until January so OGS doesnt get the boot!
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    IronHerb said:

    Then why wouldn't OGS sell him for £5m in January?

    They could but I suspect he may prefer keep his options open and sign a deal as a free agent in the summer. So if he says to Oli no new contract and no transfer, Oli has to either keep him until summer and pay him each week for nothing or get 5m for a loan,
  • Bazshyuai, I really don’t have a problem with Manchester United playing below average at any time. 😃
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    @claretandbluesky I personally wouldn't like a loan arrangement again for Lingard (unless a guarantee of signing / pre contract for the summer). I feel he's the perfect level of player Newcastle will be going for in the coming windows. I don't feel he'd be interested in them in the Jan window, with their position as it is. However if they stay up, make a couple of good transfers and then offer JLingz big money, he might fancy that more than us come the summer. While not old, he's not young either, the next contract he signs will likely be the last big one of his career at 29 (age he will be from the 15 December).

    That's one of the main reasons for me that if he is still interested, we really should push to get it permenant in Jan.
  • I think that when there was strong talk of Dec moving on, I think Moyes took him to one side. He said if you stay for a year I will get you trophies and success in Europe, then you can decide.
    Personally I see Rice as a much loved character as well as a good player. If he moved to a pond full of big fish, I don't think he would get the same love. Fingers crossed we get some rewards with him here.
  • Southgate announced the England squad today and said Lingard wasn't called up because he's not playing enough.
  • MrsGrey said:

    Southgate announced the England squad today and said Lingard wasn't called up because he's not playing enough.

    Mad, isn't it. I suspect literally everybody outside of the Lingard household saw this coming.

    No way will he sign a new contract now. Just a case of where he goes next (it'll be us).
  • At least he also dropped Sancho for lack of playing time (he got away with it last international break). Shirley only a change of manager will keep Jesse at Old Trafford now... (and dont call me Shirley! ;) ) If I was OGS I wouldn't be able to look him in the face!
  • Dont need anyone =)
  • We do, IMO. Antonio needs support, and Moyes needs another option.

    We could do a lot worse than Origi, actually. Said it in August and still think it now.
  • I really like Origi. I think he’s a pretty good runner, he’s a good finisher, he can play multiple positions and he’s good at linking the play. Some people say he doesn’t work that hard, but I think Moyes and the atmosphere at the club wouldn’t allow someone to not work.
  • I've never really paid much attention to Origi. I remember him playing well against Barcelona. I must admit ( as said on game thread ) I thought his goal was good
  • Was thinking the same about Origi. He gets hardly any game time but is always a threat. Somebody will do well when they buy him and play him a bit more - wouldn't mind that team being us.
  • Wonder if teams like United (with Jesse) and Liverpool (with Origi) will refuse to sell to us as, although we have a longggg season left to go, we surely have a great chance of getting top 4 this season
  • I mentioned Origi (his versatility etc) a while back and it didnt go down well (from memory) :)
  • Bazshuayi said:

    I mentioned Origi (his versatility etc) a while back and it didnt go down well (from memory) :)

    It did with me!
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    Evidence! This has FIVE ‘agrees’ from early August
    alderz said:

    Rumours of Origi from Liverpool by the end of the window. Who would you rather Ings or him? Everyone says trusts David Moyes he knows what he is doing IF we sign the likes of Origi he fits the “better than nothing” signing which we all believe we are no longer doing.

    I think Origi is a good player, who is not a million miles away from Antonio in style of play. He’s not good enough to be a regular at a title challenger, but he’s definitely good enough for the next level down from that, IMO.
  • "I don't think Origi would be a bad signing at all especially at around 15M. He's no mug, has big game/Europe/Prem/International experience and could play across the front three. Work rate wise, I don't think hes a slouch to be fair. Just my opinion though"

    I wasnt going to search for my evidence but now you have, I can confirm you were one of my 'agrees' haha
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