The "I know its only September but..." transfer thread



  • Can we keep this going ‘til the end of January please?
  • Slacker, if u like.. yeh no problem 👍🏻😂
  • I’ll probably dip in when it gets a bit more serious, like when who’s getting what shirt number.
  • I will instantly want to change my handle if Jesse decides to come to us (I'm assuming Moyes would still desire him at West Ham)... Bazjessayi (I'll work out a way to transform the rest over time).

    He's done well for England and impacted plenty when coming off the bench. I'd love Moyes to have the extra problem of fitting him in

    # Team Jesse
  • Teamtalk link us with Hull City's 20yo Keane Lewis-Potter, another winger who can play striker, scored 15 in 51 last season (League 1) and 3 in 11 this season (Championship)
  • I think we need to give Vlasic longer to prove himself. He’s only been here a month, and IMO he needs longer. Remember how long it took the likes of Benrahma or Fornals to find their feet.

    He may never make it, but I trust Moyes to monitor his progress and act accordingly. I don’t think he would of bought him just to make up the numbers.
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    I see Rob Newman is officially in post.

    We may actually be able to find a striker Moyes likes now.
  • He is perfect for us as he can finish. It will depend on two things in my view.

    Does he want to wait until the summer to extract full financial benefit of being a free agent or get playing as soon as possible?

    How many competitions are we involved in? Just the league then no point in adding Jesse. Should however we still be in the Europa and FA or Caraboo cup then we may want to have a now or never push whilst we still have Rice also.

    He does make us more dangerous in my view, especially so if Antonio is out.
  • I see Rob Newman is officially in post.

    We may actually be able to find a striker Moyes likes now.

    Often wondered what happened to him after him and David Baddiel split up.

  • Slacker.... that's tickled me! May go amiss for a few youngsters

  • If you didn't learn history from these guys, you learnt nothing.
  • You know that Olive from on the buses.

    That’s your best girlfriend that is.

  • Olive... Ohhh God ;)
  • I'm Teamonthefence about Lingard. My only worry is if he arrives with a Billy Big Boots attitude and upsets the fantastic team spirit here.
  • What "Billy Big Boots" attitude?

    Lingard didn't seem to upset the team when he arrived last January so why should he do so if he comes back. Apart from the new arrivals they all know him and know him a lot better than the "mind readers" on this forum
  • He seemed to fit in quickly and very well. he and Rice seemed to become pretty close.

    Mason Mount seemed to have the right ump with Dec at one point when his new mate Linggers was pictured wearing a shirt with Rice on the back!
  • Grabbing the ball to take a penalty worried me at the time, and his attitude that he belongs at a Big Club not West Ham concern me now. As for mind readers, we're all mind readers all the time, it's how society works 😉
  • The guy scored 9 goals and assisted 5 more in 16 games and people are questioning his attitude while he was here? And this season he may not be getting much game time, but he’s scored 2 and assisted 1 in about 136 minutes of football.

    He’s a baller and I would LOVE him back with us
  • makes sense to bring Lingard in on a free with Yarmelenko leaves on a free right.
  • Claret & Hugh claim the club will be "actively" looking to move Randolph to a new club in January.

    Telegraph suggest that Newcastle might be interested in Lingard but once again the question is whether he's willing to leave Manchester on a permanent basis

    Sun and Le10 Sport links us with 23yo Clermont striker Mohamed Bayo, scored 22 on 38 in Ligue 2 last season, scored 5 in 8 Ligue this season

    Various sources reckon Aaron Ramsey is looking to return to the Premier League with us. Wolves, Newcastle and Everton in the frame. Everton allegedly his preferred destination
  • Newcastle are going to be linked with everyone and there cat now.Lingard seemed to like it with us .would he like the London scene or Newcastle scene .And of course the main question might come down to money if thats what he wants
  • I'd really like Lingard back here be it at end of season or Jan. He performed superbly here during his loan, was popular amongst the squad, and apparantly had a great attitude. With Yarmo's contract up at the end of the season and seemingly unlikely to be renewed, we need at least 1 extra AM. If we are still in Europe come Jan, I'd like us to try for Jesse then to be honest.

    I agree a newly moneyed Newc may see him as an attainable upgrade, but I hope his previous success and enjoyment here holds some sway.
  • Ramsey's an interesting one Aslef.

    A really quality player on his day, but has had his fair share of injury issues. Also, supposedly on crazy money at Juve currently as he joined on a free.

    I'd probably lean to 'no', but can see him joining someone like Everton being brilliant and me regretting it!
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    I would love to give him a try but I think the risk would outweigh the potential reward.

    Were he to accept a pay as you play contract on the terms of 20k per week and £80k per match then worth a go, would likely want £140k per week on a three year contract.

    We don't have a good record with injury prone ex Arsenal players.
  • We dont have a good record with any injury prone players =)
  • Sure I read an article recently that suggested Kieron Dyer cost us almost half a million for every game he played if you divide his purchase price, wages, and rights fees over his 4? year Irons 'career'.

    (Not that having injuries was his fault of course).

    We do not have much success with injuries.
  • With a limited budget I cant see Moyes risking the sort of wages Ramsey would need to entice him. I imagine as far as midfielders go he will be scouting Rice's replacement already and will be prepared to pay serious wages as he did for Zouma in that key position.
  • Brighton are reported to be interested in Bayo & unlike us are happy to try to sign him in January even though he is expected to be involved in the ANC. IF we wait it could mean we miss out on another decent signing like Sima.
  • While I'd love Lingard back, for sure, not even a thought needed....
    I'd also really love a proper join Antonio on the field if needed/replace when not available etc etc...Oh well....
    Christmas is coming, even if the lorry drivers aren't...
    All I wish for is....... <3
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