Post Summer Transfer Rumours and Speculation

We didn't seem to have a post deadline day transfer thread so here it is


  • In the gossip column it's being reported that Aaron Ramsey is going to join Everton in the summer and they'll pay him a £15m signing on fee. Realistically, even if he wasn't on a free that signing on fee would still be probably a third of that.

    If there's any truth that he may be interested in joining Everton, I personally feel that we should try for him too.
  • I would love us to try for him and he could be the replacement we need for Noble when he hangs up his boots, however, I just don't see it happening.
  • I was wondering if the Jack connection and being able to stay in London would help, but I didn't want to get my hopes up.
  • Tomw85 said:

    I would love us to try for him and he could be the replacement we need for Noble when he hangs up his boots, however, I just don't see it happening.

    I also don't see it happening, but if Everton are actually in for him then we should be too. I'd be surprised if he didn't end up at a Champions League club, personally.
  • Ramsey is just another sick note
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    I'll see if I can find the text of the original interview that this news report is based on.

    Edit: here we go in ?German
  • Hard not to see a little bit of a Payet scenario 're interest in him

    He's gonna be 30 soon,so a fairly short term purchase but we'd demand a LOT of money for I think it's unlikely we will get for his age

    So what happens next,let's hope he doesn't throw a strop like Payet...but It's a conversation for next year

    I understand why he would want to be in the champions league while he's in his prime
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    Marco didn't actually say much, it was his brother/agent Danijel.
    The striker wants to compete with the "very best". Brother and Advisor Danijel is planning a big transfer.

    It's Sunday and a hectic bustle at Schwechat airport. An accumulation of people. Not an easy task to identify the people you are looking for, when suddenly a face appears which the KURIER did not expect.

    It's a face that stands out in this crowd. That of Marko Arnautovic. A short welcome and the usual small talk then but then a quick change to talking business. The question of plans for the future can already be asked. "I'm 29, so in the best age. It's clear that I want to compete with the very best. But in such matters I trust full of my brother." A few words and he's gone.

    A statement that allows scope for interpretation. At the official media meeting of the ÖFB on Tuesday before the match in the Nations League against Bosnia Herzegovina Arnautovic diplomatically turned to the question of his future and said: "We do not belong where we are now."

    So why not ask, brother? Danijel Arnautovic has always been the advisor to Austria's most gifted kicker. A call is enough and lo and behold: You are on the right track. "Marko feels extremely comfortable at West Ham. You can see that every week. But there is also the feeling that it could not have been this yet. And he's ready for the next step, "says Danijel, who is three years his senior (see interview).

    International Games

    A really big club should still be on the horizon for the Viennese. So it's about playing for titles and also in the Champions League. In fact, the Marko Arnautovic has not often done so. Five times, to be exact. In 2010, he even scored twice in the jersey of Werder Bremen against his former clubs Inter Milan and Twente Enschede.

    The fact that he can still officially call himself Champions League winner, is due to the season before, when he was under star coach Jose Mourinho in the squad of Inter Milan. But does Arnautovic really feels like a Champions League winner? After all, Mourinho had not granted him a single minute in the top flight. "With me is Champions League winner, but I am not," the technician

    Top club as a goal

    Maybe that's why Arnautovic wants to go there again, to the big stage. That he could succeed with West Ham may be doubted. Although he came in the summer of 2017 for a transfer of the equivalent of 28 million euros from Stoke City and should earn 477,000 euros a month in London, there was already another transfer within reach last summer, according to Brother Danijel. And that despite the contract until 2022. In any case, the top club has already been the target for some time. Three years ago, Arnautovic said in an interview: "I still have something to achieve, I still want to go to a top club." The next year should be ready.

    Brother Danijel in interview: "Marko should not be fighting against relegation"

    KURIER: Your brother talked about trying to compete with the very best. What could he have meant by that?
    Danijel Arnautovic:
    You're asking me? Why did not you ask him yourself?

    He was a bit curt.
    Well, he plays in the Premier League because he is already among the best. But for a player like Marko it can not have been like that. What do you think he feels when he turns on the TV on Tuesday or Wednesday? But every player's heart is bleeding when he knows he has what it takes to play.

    How are you, as a brother and consultant, happy with him?
    He plays very well and has scored five goals in ten games. He is a great support at West Ham. I think you can tease out a bit more with him, but that will only succeed if he really plays for a top team. Marko is ready for the next step. Someone like him should not fight against the drop, but play for the top spots and be an international player.

    Was not that the goal of West Ham before the season?
    This may be. And you have to say very clearly: Marko feels extremely good at West Ham. You can see that every week, too. He loves this club and his fans. But there is also the feeling that it could not have been this. Purely from a sporting perspective. And then everyone

    That sounds like a goodbye.
    That is also possible. It was very close in summer already. Actually close enough to touch.

    Which clubs were interested and why did not it work?
    There were two clubs playing Champions League this season. I can not reveal more. So there are options. And we are probing.
    The Kurier is the third best selling paper in Austria
    OFB is the Austrian FA.
    Marco was born in Vienna thus "the Viennese".
  • If he wants to go let him leave in the summer maybe agree a deal in principle with Man U for example then we can start the summer window knowing how much we can spend. Don't want him to leave in January unless they someone pays well over the top for him.
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    PLF - if he wants Champions League then why on earth join Man U? ;biggrin
  • Good point I did say "for example" :smile:
  • He s not getting ahead of Aguero, Firmino, Kane, Aubameyang or Lacazette

    Arguably you would say with Lukaku and Rashford United is unlikely,so that leaves chelsea who probably want a bit more than Arnie
  • What is sickening is that there is no longer even any lip service paid to the contract signed, it is now just presumed that they can leave when they want.

    It also reminds of the old problem that your best players leave for champions league football and when they do that you are prevented from ever achieving champions league football.

    Definitely not this season and for a massive fee next year. unfortunately Arnie give the impression he is capable of sulking as Payet did.
  • He stropped at Stoke before we got him so its not going to be too hard to imagine. If we can double our money on a 29 year old then fair enough.

    He is a massive part of our attack though so it'd hard to replace someone with that sort of impact (who'd actually want to come to us as opposed to a champs league team lol)

    I think if he wants to play in the CL, I doubt it'd be for an English club. He'd have to go abroad again
  • This is the big problem with agents. When players used to have to think for themselves most of them honoured contracts. I bet the vast majority of agents have what's in it girl them at the forefront of the their minds rather than what's good for their client.
    If he is so concerned with how Marko needs to play CL football what on earth was he doing at Stoke.
  • Not anything too revelatory in that interview. Player wants to win trophies & play at the highest level. Pretty obvious. Some players do need to accept when they are a ‘fit’ at a club. He is a perfect fit here. He can go to a bigger club, but he will inevitably fall into insignificance.
  • If he has his sights set on another club in January he can stop doing the crossed hammers after he scores now.

    Because he’s just turned it into a meaningless gesture.

    I’m off to have a cry now.
  • There should be a stand made by clubs in which all agree to only sell when it suits them. It would only take a couple of years of this being enforced to change the power base. I do recognise that in the initial period some clubs would lose transfer fees and have to drop sulky players but if it bought about a system where 'sorry we don't want to sell' was always stuck to then it would eventually stop sulking and agents treating contracts as worthless.

  • As far as I am concerned he can cross anything he likes if he scores and if he gets a hatrick he can do cartwheels ,and if he does go in jan then lets hope he gets us a bagfull of goals before he goes
  • Arnie hasn't said anything apart from he wants to be playing with the best and that West Ham should be higher up the table, both understandable ambitions for any professional football player.

    Everything else has come from his agent/brother.
  • Apparently ARNIE and Declan Rice are incensed at the prospect of the club signing overweight, unfit Nasri for £80k per week.
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    That's Arnie saying " 'x' enough answer " btw
  • I really like Arnie but you can't blame his ambition. I kind of felt though he was happy being " the main man " a " big fish in a small pond " and a worry for me is if he was to go to Man Utd , then we don't take their cast offs as part of the deal
  • I think if we are really gonna give Nasri £80k the players will be angered and are justified
  • Rice to Man U is latest rumour on bbc gossip
  • They do have history of having foods

    Keane Wa
    Beck Ham
    Juan To Mata Sauce
    Van Nistelsoy Sauce
    Ryan Figgs
    Alex Burgers on
    Paul Pogba b q

    I could do this all day but no one wants that..

  • Rice to Man U is latest rumour on bbc gossip

    It’s really frustrating how long it’s taking our board to nail this kid down with a new contract. It will be unforgivable if we lose him to Man Ure.
  • DJ Hammer said:

    Rice to Man U is latest rumour on bbc gossip

    It’s really frustrating how long it’s taking our board to nail this kid down with a new contract. It will be unforgivable if we lose him to Man Ure.
    It’s really frustrating how long this kids agent is continually drawing out the negotiations for a new contract. It will be unforgivable if he is able to sell Rice that a move to Man Ure would be a better option.
  • How would selling him to Man U be unforgivable. A step up the ladder no?
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