Mike Dean - Petition to have him removed from refereeing EPL games



  • Don't make him a martyr, just sack him.
  • The thing is, he’s been a meme for the last, what?, 5? 6 years? Nothing has happened. Managers, pundits, fans have all spoken about how incompetent he is, and yet the FA and Premier League keep using him for big games. To me, that speaks volumes about the levels of competency among referees in general in this country. That HE can keep working at the highest level despite being widely acknowledged as a fraud is damning of the wider pool.
  • There’s a Garth Crooks rant from five years ago about Dean which has resurfaced and gone viral. Basically saying he is making the game about him and should not be finding reasons to send people off

    His employers would therefore have been well aware of his shortcomings and faults. In five years they have not at all been addressed. His employers are at fault for continuing to keep this fraud in employment. In many other professions you would not be in your same job if you continue making the same mistakes and not correcting your ways.
  • Signed. I’ve had enough of him.
  • Signed

    Appear the premiership/FA have no desire to actually discipline a man who is truly incompetent and wants to make every game about him
  • Signed, for what it's worth ☹
  • I’m sure he’s bothered who’s signed just puts him in the spotlight more imo
  • https://www.claretandhugh.info/deans-dire-irons-decisions-were-happening-18-years-ago/

    Just the confirm he has been making errors for longer than was first thought!
  • Signed and shared on twitter
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    Sorry but I know I will be the most hated person here, but I just don't agree with all this, just my opinion...

    Dean has been reffing for ages, perhaps Fortune that's why his errors have been around for longer!... I think the amount of matches he's reffed outweighs all others, so more mistakes are very possible.
    Also IMO Dean has had an excellent season, barring 2 poor decisions in the Southampton game and ours...These things happen...

    I am not sticking up for him, but by doing all this, do people really think it will affect him or the powers that be? i'm ceratinly not convinced tbh.

    It could also backfire, like the ref's union ( stick up for their fellow refs ), other refs might just hate the Hammers that little bit more ( I know some who think this is not possible, I know...)

    I actually like Dean, he has a personality, unlike most others, I get that lot's think the best refs are the ones that go unnoticed, but do we really live in that lifestyle these days..When we have ex refs who were far worse than Dean as pundits ( Walton/Gallagher/Halsey ) etc etc..

    I blame Lee Mason just as much, if not more, to put Dean in this position in the 1st place, that should never had happened...I think only two decisions this season where the ref was advised to look at the monitor has kept the original decision.. all others have gone with VAR ref.

    Anyhow, call me what you want, I'm thick skinned just like Dean! I can take it....

    I still love West Ham as much as you, and nothing can take that away from me.
    Just putting another spin on things and my own opinion....
  • You're right, I hate you. 😂
  • jay, we get nothing at all from refs, and haven't for a long time, so I'm not sure it can make matters much worse. Before VAR came in, there was a period when we had (I think) 5 out of 6 red cards rescinded, as well as 2 or 3 retrospective red cards awarded against our opponents; proof enough that match day refs have been treating us extremely unfairly for a good while. Even since Christmas we've had 2 definite penalties not awarded to us, we've not had one all season so far.

    Lee Mason is an idiot for calling Dean to the monitor, but Dean must be man enough to make the decision, and he blatantly wasn't.
  • Two things. Firstly this petition isn't only for a West Ham fans. Secondly, if all the ref's come out against West Ham it would just go to prove, and confirm imo, that they are amongst the worst cohort of refs we've seen for years.
  • I understand Lee Mason is the fourth official at Old Trafford on Tuesday night should make for an interesting evening with our coaching staff. 😀
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    At least we will know were Mason he is and as 4th Official he will be in a pretty harmless place to affect the game.
  • IronHerb said:

    At least we will know were Mason he is and as 4th Official he will be in a pretty harmless place to affect the game.

    Unless he puts up a board with 50 minutes added time when we're winning 2-0
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    IH - this is true re petition and quite possible re your 2nd comment, there are not a great deal of top refs in the EPL, , this has been the case for a few years now imo, but the ones on TV, I mean Walton, he was never a top, top ref, very average at best and same IMO goes for Gallagher and Halsey, they were both average personified...
    Sad state of affairs, my favorite ref of all-time for the older bunch here, and also probably another controversial choice.....Roger Milford!
  • Anyone remover Uriah Rennie who used to prance around in skimpy shorts. He certainly was one who used to say “look at me I’m the ref”.
  • Obviously those ex refs who are now pundits or pass opinions on decisions made mistakes when they were reffing but there’s a huge difference. In their day they made decisions on the spot and stuck to them or at least consulted a linesman. Refs now seem incapable of making their own decisions or having the bottle to sticking with a decision. VAR was supposed to eliminate mistakes as far as possible but after long delays still get things wrong. Yesterday was a prime example with Mason looking at it over and over again and telling Dean to look at it over and over again. If it was obvious violent conduct either of them would have decided it immediately.
  • I think the time VAR gives probably just adds pressure and doubt. It’s not really enough time to absolutely say something is right but it’s more time, more angles and another voice to make you doubt your first instinct.

    Clearly they made the right decisions by accident before.
  • IronHerb said:

    At least we will know were Mason he is and as 4th Official he will be in a pretty harmless place to affect the game.

    Unless he puts up a board with 50 minutes added time when we're winning 2-0
    He wouldn't be the first at Old Trafford.
  • I always liked Paul Durkin as a ref.
  • I think his ability to referee must be bought into question and a petition is a small way of doing that I guess. The greater help is what has happened on Match of the day and by other pundits. The Premier league must be made to recognise that a position in which they support the ref just because he is the ref will look bad on them. The decision must be corrected if those that review it believe it to be wrong. Most organisations don't enjoy their governance being brought into question so the more vocal and public the issue is made can only help us. If its made clear their are costs regard their credibility to backing their man the more hope we have of getting it cancelled.

    In my view they can't not cancel that Red Card. This is the offence he was sent off for.

    Violent conduct is when a player uses or attempts to use excessive force or brutality against an opponent when not challenging for the ball, or against a team-mate, team official, match official, spectator or any other person, regardless of whether contact is made.
  • But there was no attempt to do any of those. He was readjusting his arm position while being grappled by Mitrovic.
  • IronHerb said:

    But there was no attempt to do any of those. He was readjusting his arm position while being grappled by Mitrovic.

    That's kinda why we all think it was a dreadful bit of refereeing 😃
  • Regardless that it was against us. If it had been another two teams would there be a petition bandied around? Would anyone sign it if there was? If the Premier league don't decide he's out of line or VAR was wrong then they have to sort it amongst themselves. I don't think anything else is going to have an effect. The decision was woeful and outrageous but there we go. Let the club argue the case and let's hope sense prevails and we're successful
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