• Right decision. This season has been absolutely woeful and the players are shot.

    Such a shame it hasn’t worked out, as last season was really promising and I do think there’s an awful lot of talent in this squad.
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    About time... :wahoo: Nothing personal against him, an ill fit & IMO the best for all concerned.
  • Had to be done
  • I can sleep tonight zzz
  • It’s gone stale
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    Hope they've got Moyes lined up. Should never have let him go, imo.

    I hate seeing managers sacked, and even more when we are the ones doing the sacking, but our squad is far better than recent performances would indicate, and it didn't look like Pelle knew how to resolve that. His management record with us was point overall, but I think the squad he leaves us with will turn out to he a good one.
  • I would personally welcome Moyes back. At least he had everybody working hard and putting in a shift.
  • It is the right decision and if a replacement appointment is made forthwith it gives the incoming manager a fighting chance of retaining the EPL status. Hope the incoming manager will get some funds though some can also be raised by offloading some of the dead wood. I do hope that the Board now will not drag out a potential appointment as they had plenty of time to scout out possibilities.
  • No surprise and something that had to be done.
  • Just hope to god it’s not moyes
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    It is a shame it's not worked out but he should have gone ages ago. Its not nice hoping for someone to get the boot but I'm sure he'll be getting a decent payout.
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    Pochettino anyone?....
  • Surprised the trigger has been pulled just before a 6 pointer with Bournemouth. Expected it to be after that.
  • Could we now also sack the stadium and have Upton Park back :weep:
  • jay, never in a million years will Poch come.

    Yeold, I thought the same. Seems really risky having a caretaker in charge for a massive game against Bournemouth. But then again, I wonder how much poorer we could realistically be than some recent games.
  • I guess it will be Moyes. But I would rather Benitez.
  • So people want Moyes? The same Moyes who bought Hugill and didn’t want dendoncker in his only transfer window. If it has to be him I do hope there is a DoF taking care of all the transfers.
  • Could we now also sack the stadium and have Upton Park back :weep:

    This this and this

    Leaving Upton Park was the biggest mistake in the history of the club
  • Certainly a NO for Moyes, although I fully expect it, Pelle appointment was a bit left field IMO, so u never know, can only hope.
  • Who was the moron manager that thought Ben Yedder was too small.
  • Baracks,

    You’ve been very critical of G&S recently but with Moyes’ tenure they seem to be exempt from blame.

    Moyes was on a short-term deal. Who’s to say he signed Hugill and not G&S? And he didn’t exactly have much money to play with, compared with Pelle.

    Plus, Hugill has gone pretty well in the Championship before and after coming to us. It wasn’t as crazy a signing as people make out, IMO.
  • Surely someone's already lined up?
  • The West Ham’s Next Boss thread eventually worked

    Can we please now start a “West Ham’s Next Owners” thread in the hope that we get some?
  • yo-yo

    You'd like to hope so...
  • Now I am worried who we will get ,its never ending :weep:
  • Moyes would be a terrible choice.
  • Wasn’t it premature closing the “next boss” thread as none has been appointed yet we need a thread for speculation ...
  • I’m disappointed with season but 2 wins since September is relegation form and Pellegrini has paid the price at least the new manager if we get one soon has the transfer window
  • My god they’ve got to be brave, only one candidate imho, Scotty Parker
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    It'll be crushing if Moyes takes over and this was my only hesitation about Pellegrini going.
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