Would you sit in the oppositions end?

I've been offered free tickets for the Brighton West Ham game. Two tickets in the Brighton end and I live in Crawley which is only a short car/train journey away. Would you go?


  • Cheers. I'm gonna do it I think. My boy seems quite excited
  • We already do it. My son lives near London and we are both season ticket holders at West Ham even though he supports Everton. When our home game with Everton comes round he has to sit on his hands. Simples.
  • Just don't make yourself too obvious else they do tend to throw fans out
  • Judging by our recent record against Brighton, you probably won't have to suppress too many celebrations, anyway.
  • My Father & I went to a game at Notts County and were in with the home supporters when Trevor Morley scored a stunning goal, when it went in I stifled my celebration and looked to my right and there was an elderly gentleman with his hands in the air with a beaming smile on his face cheering his head off, god I miss my Dad. :biggrin:
  • A few years back we had a must win game against the Arsenal at Upton Park, the only tickets me and a mate could get were in the Arsenal end.
    Worst ever experience of my football life.
  • I had to sit in the Arsenal end at the 1980 cup final and was a 16 young boy, as only ticket I could get was from a Notts county player my mum knew, when brooking scored I had to cheer but think the groans overpowered it lol
  • Sat in the Fulham end many a time when they were a regular fixture in the PL.
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