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Probably needs it's own thread, especially with the changes coming in to the PL next season.



  • Scotland were 3-0 up with 20 minutes left and drew 3-3 after having saved a penalty only for VAR to make Argentina take the penalty again.
  • Scotland were 3-0 up with 20 minutes left and drew 3-3 after having saved a penalty only for VAR to make Argentina take the penalty again.

    Was utterly absurd. The rule for goalkeepers moving off their line is nonsense.
  • VAR killing football one joke decision at a time.
  • It's not VAR as that only allows the implementation of the rules rather than making them, so if the following of the rules is the problem the rules may need changing.

    I think some rules in football have always been accepted as not implemented by referees and the keeper remaining on his line is one, whilst the fouls at corners not given is the other, I look forward to corners being better policed this season. I will say penalties will be much harder to save but is it fair when a keeper saves a penalty two yards off his line by the time the ball was kicked? just as its frustrating when defenders blatantly play the man rather than the ball at a corner.
  • VAR is making the correct decision when it comes to keepers on their lines or not, it’s just an absolutely nonsense rule that should never have come in
  • If keepers are allowed off their lines at a penalty then if the kicker takes a long run up the keeper could probably be able to dive st his feet as he kicked it.
    It’s all in the name, it’s a penalty and it’s meant to be in the takers favour.
  • Being a step in front of the goal line hardly gives the keeper a huge advantage. Penalties are massively to the advantage of the striker already. You may as well just give a penalty goal instead of mucking about with the kick
  • alderz

    But without the law, the keeper could rush out as the kicker is running in.

    There has to be some kind of limit, surely?
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    How would you rewrite the rule, alderz? Or would you do away with it altogether so that the GK can stand/start where they like? (genuine question)
  • Perhaps we need a 'Penalty' penalty area marked up 1m away from the goal line. :biggrin:
  • Perhaps we need the players to know the rules?
  • The Penalty goal line rule will not be checked by VAR in the Prem next season, it is being left to the referees to police it. Like they police it now I guess. :doh:
  • Overall, I think VAR is going to be a massive positive for the league, particularly on cut and dry decisions like offside goals.

    For penalties/red cards reviewed by VAR, of course it’s still subjective. But VAR allows the referee to make a more informed decision on big calls, rather than having to decide in a split second.

    But there will be teething problems for at least the next couple of seasons, I’m sure. It isn’t going to be used perfectly this season, but the end result will be positive for the league, IMO.
  • IronHerb said:

    The Penalty goal line rule will not be checked by VAR in the Prem next season, it is being left to the referees to police it. Like they police it now I guess. :doh:

    Maybe the linos could do it.
  • I believe it is the linos already while the ref checks for encroachment. That works. :lol:
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    That's what I was thinking :lol:

    Maye we could get a couple of those FIFA/UEFA guys who stand behind the goal. :hmm: :puzzled:
  • Guarantee we have at least one penalty that we save retaken for Fab coming off his line and the opposition score the retake, and guarantee that we have at least one penalty saved where the keeper comes off his line and there is no retake.

    The rule is stupid, but if it's going to be applied they should be using VAR.
  • Alderz :ok:

    It seems a pretty basic thing for the referee in the VAR booth to be able to spot. Why on earth would they not have the video ref watching, and if the goalkeeper steps off the line they let the ref know in his earpiece? It’s instant and effective.

    I don’t really get it.
  • But you can't move forward before the kick is taken now.

    Calm down dear, calm down.
  • Goal line technology should work if circuits are fitted to goalies boots like the ones in the balls - simples.
  • And if they move from the line before the kick is taken they get zapped with 50 thousand volts :biggrin:
  • They are still allowed to jump though.
  • MrsGrey said:

    They are still allowed to jump though.

    What with 50,000 vaults in them
  • Cuz

    Wouldn't you? :biggrin:
  • VAR working well in the Women’s WC England v Cameroon game.

    On side goal given.

    Off side goal disallowed.
  • Almost chaos after both decisions. Not VAR's fault.
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    The area where VAR is going to ruin the game is the offside stuff. They are going to need to edit that in the future so goals like the Jesus one on Saturday should stand. The ones that should get ruled out are the blatant errors, like the one Mane scores at our place last season, daylight between last defender and attacking player when the ball is played. There needs to be the equivalent of ‘umpires call’. Being offside by an eye lash, for me, is a waste of time because the benefit should go to the original decision; if it is deemed onside during play, then it is only ruled out if a clear & obvious offside was present. All this ‘two lines’ stuff should be taken away & you can simply pause the screen when the ball is played, is there a clear & obvious offside that the assistant ref has missed? Shortens the check time too.
  • But then the assistant refs need to call it as if there was no VAR because I would imagine when it is close, they would be tempted to simply keep the flag down and let VAR make the decision
  • If it’s offside then VAR needs to give it as offside, whether it’s by an eyelash or not.

    Offside is not a judgement call, it’s something that’s absolute.

    The issues for me are with the rule itself, not the fact that VAR is being used to follow that rule to the letter.
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    But it’s like in cricket. When the ball hits your pad, it’s either hitting the stumps or not. But then there’s the umpires call area, where it can still be not out even if hitting the stumps.

    The offside rule is what it is. It may be changed one day, but it is what it is. I think for now they need to focus on tweaking VAR so that it doesn’t rule out goals that you cannot reasonably expect the assistant to be able to see in normal, live action play.

    You are going to get so many goals chalked off this season that look level before you bring up that over-analysis of where the shoulder corner is in relation to the foot of the defender.

    Just not keen on it. Mistaken identity, infringements that allow a goal to be scored, penalty checks...fine. Clear offsides, yeah. Yes, technically offsides are absolute, offside or not. But when you rely on a human to make that call in live action, it is a judgement call. The judgment of whether he is offside or not.
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