The Winter Window: Transfer Deadline Day



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    If we don't sell Arnie, we keep our best player and match winner who's in the prime years of his career...So win-win

    I don’t agree with that. We don't win if we keep a player that doesn't want to be here and has a disruptive influence, IMO.

    If Arnie's sole motivation wasn't money and I believed he would stay and be 100% committed to the cause, then I'd have a different opinion, but I suspect he is and he wouldn't so I think we only win if he goes in the summer.
  • The thing about Arnie is it really depends on what happens next. If he scores another 6/7 goals and is our star player for the rest of the season then nobody will be complaining about him staying. If he doesn't recapture his form then people will think he's a mercenery whose head has been turned. I say, let's reserve judgement til the end of the season.
  • alderz,lets judge him now with a view to change our minds after every game ;whistle
  • Why would any player care about the transfer fee involved, their money comes from the wages.
  • The summer window 16/17 we went for numbers as we expected to go into the Europa League, lets not discuss that farce!

    We have a good starting eleven WHEN all fit, just need some better back up players but don't think that will all come from the Academy.

    Opening game next season I would expect to see -

    Fabianski, Fredericks, Cresswell, Balbuena, Diop, Rice, Lanzini, Felipe, Yarmo, plus 2 strikers.

    Back up Gk, Zab, LFb, Sanchez, Reid/Ogbonna, Noble, Antonio, Striker.

    Happy if we were to get a better CDM than Sanchez. With the contacts around Europe & South America I would hope we could unearth a few nuggets.
  • Fab
    Fredericks Baluena Diop Cresswell
    Rice CM
    Yarmo Lanzini Anderson

    Zab Reid CB LB
    Noble Sanchez
    Snodgrass Nasri Antonio

    Third choice options: Wilshere, Xande & Anang

    So first team needs a CM and a striker

    Then need a backup CB, LB, GK and another striker (if Arnie leaves)

    So minimum 6 additions
  • WHU_C_l_i_7_y,


    I have to admit I had forgotten about Snoddy & Jack and wasn't too sure if we will keep Nasri? Agree with the idea of getting a top CDM to partner Declan before he goes to City. ;whistle
  • Why would any player care about the transfer fee involved, their money comes from the wages.

    Players also often get a percentage of the transfer fee -or at least they used to. This is why Nicholas Anelka was the richest player of his time.
  • Fortune - decidedly unfunny ;fishslap
  • I see Yohan Cabaye is a free agent. Surely worth a short term contract to help us out in midfield?
  • I'd take him. Even more so if the reports around Wilshere are true.
  • Cabaye is free for a reason imo
  • Well it's looking like Wilsheres and Sanchez won't be back this season, so why not

    I don't like these short term fixes but when you have 11 first teamers out injured they are sometimes needed
  • The position we are in I’d try blood one of the youngsters rather than a short term fix with a player no club seems to want on a free
  • Not for me. He signed a two year deal in Dubai last summer and has left the club now, mercenary anyone?
    Never really liked him anyway.
  • Pelle clarifying what we were and weren't up to in the window:

    Essentially: we weren't looking to sign anyone unless a player in that position left, and the only player he specifically looked at for this window was Medel.
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