The Super League rears its head. (again)


  • Personally I can’t see it happening uefa won’t want it’s cash cow the champions league being diminished by another competition and I am not sure the fans of the clubs will want it. The chairman of the clubs want to make more money to line their own pockets and I am not sure the tv companies will want it as there will be less big games to be televised . I think it would be bad for football overall if it did happen with more money going to the few.
  • Will ruin football for the working class man imo
  • Cuz tv did that a long time ago.
  • Cuz1 said:

    Will ruin football for the working class man imo

    And the women?
  • MrsGrey said:

    Cuz1 said:

    Will ruin football for the working class man imo

    And the women?
    Sorry the working class people women included, I’d love a partner who loves football but her indoors prefers holly oaks lol
  • Football hasn't been a game for the working class for a long time now. All. About the money nowadays.
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    I read that article earlier, really can't see it happening, and really not that bothered if it did. There is, in effect, a Super League already in existence because of the Champions League (which I detest because of the huge advantage it gives those who play in it regularly, as it then becomes almost self perpetuating in being able to qualify). It should be what it used to be, for the League winners, so teams aren't able to almost guarantee CL football when trying to attract the best players.

    The teams being mentioned play each other on a regular basis, but I really think a lot of supporters of other teams would completely lose interest in a league that has no bearing on their team; I for one never watch games from any of the other European Leagues and tbh don't even watch that many Champions League games. So, even if it had British teams in it, a Super League would still be foreign league in my eyes, so if they want to go, good ridance. Just make sure they have to join the bottom league when they come crawling back.
  • Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and the two Manchesters. Spurs will be upset...
  • Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and the two Manchesters. Spurs will be upset...

    and we could all laugh at them when they still dont win the league ;whistle
  • No relegation for 20 years?? What a travesty. The FIFA boss is rapidly getting too big for his boots....
  • The no relegation thing is ridiculous because 20 years ago where were Chelsea, City, PSG?
  • alderz said:

    The no relegation thing is ridiculous because 20 years ago where were Chelsea, City, PSG?

    Where thay belong ;wave
  • Can't see it happening, and wouldn't watch it if it did.
  • The more people talk about things the more likely it will end up happening. Hope not.

    What Grey says I Hope is true for many. I’d like tot think that if Sky paid/bid for the rights I’d cancel my subscription. I’d hope there was a way the people could vote with their wallets to stop it.

    However the global population would pay for it and that’s a problem.
  • What do they say "Familiarity breeds contempt". Same teams playing each other season after season, at least the Champions League does allow for the odd change in entrants each year based on their respective league campaigns.
  • Here are some of the issues I see:

    1. The reason the Champions League is exciting is that it feels like a treat when you get to see like Juventus vs Barcelona or something, because it doesn't happen often. I never watch the Classico, because it's regular and it isn't exciting as I don't have a connection to the tournament.

    2. Local fans won't like it, as it will be harder to go and support your team. You can almost guarantee the tournament would go on tour around the world too.

    3. Fans also won't like that these 'top' teams that are used to winning most of the time would suddenly be losing a lot more (though I do like that part).

    4. No relegation for some of the teams is weird, because it could be that the teams who can't be relegated finish at the bottom and the teams who can finish near the top.
  • MrsGrey said:

    Cuz1 said:

    Will ruin football for the working class man imo

    And the women?
    I, for one, would try not to take it out on the Mrs.
  • My problem would be if it did happen a lot of clubs like West Ham would be in the firing line financially. You imagine TV company revenue would just drop off drastically if the Top 6 moved over to another league.

    At least we might qualify Champions League / Europa League lol.
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    Players and agents would simply have to readjust their expectations.

    The TV deals are 3 years at a time.

    If clubs knew there was going to be a massive downturn in income, they would just offer different contracts as players came up for renewal, and wouldn't face too great a hit in the changeover period.

    Most players would have no choice but to accept, since they wouldn't get in one of the 'elite' teams.

    There could even be an argument for saying that it would be a good thing...
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    I don't think it will happen as it's really just a replacement for the Champions League so would the revenue really be that much more? At present the big clubs take the revenue from domestic league plus Champions League, they would lose the domestic altogether and have a slightly bigger Champions league, would that amount to more than the domestic and CL together?

    As an aside I can see broadcasting changing in the future and that this will be where the real revenue comes from for big clubs. I think pay per view will enter football as they will work out that as big as the Sky deal is the potential of pay per view will globally exceed it significantly. Imagine how many pays a big Barcelona match could get if sold like these big Boxing or MMA fights at £20 a go.

    I recognise it's complex as the league hold the rights at present but in the future I think pay per view will find it's way in.
  • FIFA making it clear any players involved would not be eligible for selection for Euros/World Cup etc.
  • Problematic imo as the players don't control the clubs. If you move to a club in the super league, fine, international ban but what happens if you are under contract? You have 3 years left and your club won't sell you.
  • Munich

    Pretty sure that leaving the national setup you were in would be grounds for players breaking their contracts.

  • Law suits etc could put clubs off from signing them, though
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    Maybe, although it didn't seem to stop people signing the Sporting players this season.
  • I wouldn't be at all surprised if a number of the clubs rumoured to be involved aren't simply using it as a tool to try to get even more favourable treatment for their home leagues.
  • How do Marseilles qualify when they cant get into the top three of a poor Ligue 1.
    And they have Payet, Dimitri Payet, I just don't think you.....oh! ;yercoat
  • Conspiracy theory time.

    Infantino wanted to expand the Club World Cup, and nobody liked the idea. Then the Super League gets mentioned again. Now he's saying that the Club World CUp is the solution to stop it... ;hmm
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