Mario Husillos confirmed as Director of Football

Oooh, it's happened
“Mario will take complete, strategic control of all player recruitment and, alongside Manuel, has the full support and confidence of myself and David Gold to lead that department"
Fair play to Sullivan. Didn't think it would ever happen.


  • Surely the Sun should be in trouble...
  • What a surprise, page has been removed
  • Probably making space for their apology...
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    Anyway, welcome Mario

    Think this is a smart move by Sully, & good that MH & MP have a friendship, because I think DoF roles have the potential to cause tension.
  • Welcome ;scarf

    Please be part of a bright new future for West Ham.

    Message ends.
  • Lukerz said:

    What a surprise, page has been removed

    I think we might amend the site rules so that posting an article from, linking to a page of or otherwise citing The Sun is a moddable offence.
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    he worked with the Club’s new manager Manuel Pellegrini through the most-successful period in the Spanish side’s history

    ;pray s for history to repeat itself.
  • ¿Cuántos hablantes de español en el club ahora?
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    Oh come on! They're the super soar away sizzling Sun!

    Ok, 5 secs later I feel dirty, no grubby and dirty, joking about it ;tumbleweed
  • Glad this has happened hopefully we will now have a coordinated approach to team affairs and recruitment and hopefully sign the right players for the team rather than the best bargains . Hopefully end up with a nice balanced squad that the manager is happy with.
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    It's a brave move, & I congratulate Sully for doing it, even if it's been a while coming. Whether it works out or not, I won't put any blame on Sully. He has appointed an experienced DoF who has a good working relationship with the management. I'm sure he'll still have his little say or opinion here & there, but he has to let these two take the reigns whilst he gives them the financial backing where possible.

    Hopefully we will now see better targets identified that suit the club & the team, & be capable of unearthing those hidden gems across the world.

    My only fear is that the side becomes basically a world 11. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I hope we still retain our identity with regards the academy & British players too (likes of Noble, Cresswell, Carroll type players).
  • Our next appointment will be a lawyer that specialises in getting South American work permits...

    If we want technical players at a price we can afford we have top get them before they get to Europe so it makes sense.

    Good Luck to him...
  • Luke, we seldom (over recent seasons) have had much more than the bare minimum of required HG players.

    I suppose you are saying you'd like them to part of our first XI rather than our back-up players?
  • Husilloss, deal with it
  • I understand what Luke means and fully agree with him. One of our boasts used to be that we could normally field close to 35-40% British/Irish home grown players and mock the likes of Chelski and Citeh with all their bought-in players.
  • One of our boasts used to be that we could normally field close to 35-40% British/Irish home grown players

    I bet they didn't really boast in those terms. ;lol
  • We don’t have many homegrown but also our fans want us to sign new players all the time so what are we meant to do?
  • alderz,

    Continue signing the best players possible so the owners can honour their belief of getting into the Champions League. ;whistle
  • The fans don't buy the players.
  • My point is it’s lose lose
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    alderz said:

    My point is it’s lose lose


    If we want to be successful it wouldn't matter if we signed somebody from lgh's favourite league in Outer Mongolia.

  • Husillos has a good track record of bringing youngsters throuugh as well so maybe we can get the best of both
  • Fortune

    Because there will always be people who are unhappy. Some people want us to buy players, some people want us to bring players through.
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    So for every supporter who is unhappy there will be one who is happy, so win-win.
  • Or zero sum.
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    My only worry with this appointment is, with Sully still holding the purse strings, is it more a tick box exercise by Sully?

    Even if we assume Husillos will be in charge of all recruitment, scouting, negotiations, contracts, salary, fee, players coming in & going out - in collaboration with Pelle - (I don't believe he will be in charge of all those) then it still boils down to Sullivan providing the cash 1) up front 2) for the rest of the deal in order to make the transfer happen. So he still keeps overall power.

    Say Husillos & Pellegrini are desperate for Anderson. Lazio want £30m up front, Sully can only go to £25m. The transfer then doesn't happen, does it?

    We had similar last season. Bilic wanted a DM (Carvahlo), Sully didn't meet the price then offered the lad who went on loan to WBA & Sanchez who went to Swansea. Both ultimately flopped & Bilic was right to turn them down. 11 games later, after missing out on the DM he wanted, he got the boot.

    Just wonder if this is all going to work as it should, or more of the same? ;hmm
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    It was always going to be the case, Luke.

    The owners always set the budget.

    But with a DoF, you give him with the overall budget to spend as he sees fit; Sully won't (one assumes) set the individual budgets/caps for each player/position.

    I'm not sure what your qualms are? In what way are you thinking it 'should' work out?

    And why nobody said, when they were asking that a DoF be appointed, or when the club announced its intention to do that, that it wouldn't make any difference.

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    I suppose if Sully is still involved in negotiations, or setting a budget per player, that is my worry. So if Sully goes "you have £70m to spend", plus whatever wage budget, before we have to start selling, & Husillos tries to conclude a deal for a player, & he is happy to spend £35m on that player (half the budget), but Sully won't release more than £30m for that player, it means the deal is not done, doesn't it?

    Just worried about how involved he will be in that part. In principle it should work like you said: budget set for fees, budget set for wages, budget set for what can be paid up front & what needs to be paid in instalments etc & Husillos does the rest in communication with Pellegrini.

    Just how much 'hands-off' will Sully be. It's one hell of a change from his previous x amounts of years in football.

    Maybe I'm reading too much into it being a problem ;hmm
  • Don't worry about it before you need to. ;biggrin
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