World Cup 2018 predictor game sign up and how to play

How to play

In brief:

Predict the scores for each game.

Each correct result gets you 1 point.

Each correct score gets you 1 bonus point.

You can choose two teams (from different groups) in the group stages to be your 'joker' teams. If you get the correct result for games involving them, you will get an extra 2 bonus points.

You can choose 2 games in the knockout stages to be 'joker' games.

Knockout games are predicted as the score at the end of extra time (if applicable.)

Rules - in full

The competition will be 'ladder' format, rather than head to head.

For each game, predict what you think the score will be.

A correct result earns 1 point.

Getting the exact score earns a bonus point. (So max 2 points for any one game.)


In the group stage, you can pick 2 teams from different groups to be your 'joker' teams. You need to do this before the group stages begin i.e. with your first set of predictions.

For any of the 3 group games they are involved in where you get the exact score, points will be doubled (so maximum 4 points for one game.) There is no doubling if you only get the correct result.


Actual result - England v Panama 2-0

Prediction - England v Panama 2-0 - score 2 points (4 points if England or Panama were one of your joker teams.)

Prediction - England v Panama 3-0 - score 1 point (no bonus if England or Panama were one of your joker teams.)

Knockout phase

During the knockout phase, the prediction is for the score at the end of extra time (where needed) NOT including penalties.

So, if a game finished 1-1 at the 90, and 2-1 aet, 2-1 would be the correct score. If a game finished 0-0 at the 90, and 1-1 aet, 1-1 would be the correct score, regardless of the outcome of the penalty shootout.

You can pick any two games throughout the knockout stage as joker games. Just add a * at the end of the relevant games.

Late posting

Games are organised into 3 rounds for the group stage, then the knockout stages.

If you miss some games, you can still post whatever remain, up to kick off.

Goal difference

To separate out teams with the same points, a version of GD is used.

For each correct score predicted, the total goals in the game are added to your GD.

So, if you got a 2-1 score correct, you would have 3 goals for your GD, but if a 0-0 score was correct, you would, alas, get 0 added to your GD.

Ref's decision

If I've forgotten something critical, I reserve the right to add (i.e. make up) a rule to cover an unforeseen eventuality.


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