Summer 2018 - The Rebuild and The Recovery

I think its fine to put this up early due to this seasons circumstances.

With safety achieved and another season in the PL to come, West Hams season overall have has been a disappointing season. From managerial change, to fan unrest, players banned for spitting and exiting benches.

How does West Ham rebuild and recover ?

What do you want to see from the board over the summer ?
What do you want to see from the manager over the summer ?
What players do you want to see moved on from the club ?
What players realistically would you like to see join the club ?



  • The board need to look them selfs,,,are thay compared to. Carillon?
  • I’d like to see early business.

    If they want Moyes, give him a contact in the next week. We are safe now so he’s done what he was asked to do.

    Buy Buckland from Stoke, get a deal in place and ready to go as soon as the window opens.

    Offer Ginge a one year extension now.

    I’ll be back later with further demands.
  • Chicharito will be off and I would assume AC. How about an audacious bid for Vardy? Probably outrageously far fetched, but oh well...
  • I do hope that Adrian stays ;pray
  • I think they need to do alot of work off and on field.

    If Sully and Gold can leave the transfer business to the manager, then they can concentrate on sorting out the stadium and things around it. Fulfilling the promises they have said the past 2 seasons over the summer.
  • Firstly sell snodgrass Chico is off I reckon they should bring in 25 m plus . Sign fredricks from Fulham cairney ledonocker butland or foster in goal and then a young CB that should do for the first week ;clap
  • So who is on your, Keep List / Move on List / Keep and Upgrade list


    Adrian - Keep and Upgrade
    Hart - Move On


    Reid - Keep (though i think we are stuck with him even if we wanted to Upgrade)
    Cresswell - Keep
    Zabaleta - Keep and Upgrade (backup)
    Collins - Keep and Upgrade (backup)
    Ogbonna - Keep and Upgrade (not convinced but probably other priorities to upgrade)
    Byram - Move on (dont think he is going to cut it)
    Masuaku - Keep
    Evra - Move on
    Rice - Keep

    (4 keeps, 3 upgrades, 1 definite new buy)


    Kouyate - Move on (cant see him getting any better and i think we could get a reasonable fee)
    Noble - Keep (more because getting rid of him would be the equivalent of political suicide)
    Lanzini - Keep
    Snodgrass - Move on (not going to cut it here and could get a reasonable fee)
    Obiang - Keep
    Mario - Move on (only because i dont think he is worth the price Inter Milan will sell him for)
    Fernandes - Keep and Upgrade (give him another season as a backup see if he can force his way through and develop)

    (3 keeps, 1 upgrade, 3 definite new buy)


    Arnautovic - Keep
    Carroll - Move on (Times up and as long as he doesn't get injured over summer we need to finally do it)
    Hugill - Move on (if he cant reach the pitch for even half a game in 6 months something tells me he isnt going to at all)
    Hernandez - Keep (Though i get the feeling he will be gone)
    Antonio - Keep and Upgrade (If a reasonable fee came in i would move him on, otherwise i think he is a useful option)

    (2 keeps, 1 upgrade, 2 definite new buy)

    So in my view 9 of the first team i would actually keep, 5 i would look to upgrade and have the other 5 has back up, then 6 new faces is a must) so 11 new faces in total. Not sure that is going to happen !
  • Yeold, what do you mean by 'Keep and Upgrade'?
  • I think he means keep as a back up and get in a better(upgraded) player as first xhoice
  • Badou N'Dai (sp) from Stoke?
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    Plf, I'm not a fan of too many Champo players. turns you into a Champo team.

    Butland ;ok
  • Players id actively like out of the club


    Players id happily sell if good bids come in

    Obiang or Kouyate
    Oxford (doesnt want to be here apparantly)

    Would like for us to go for technically better players and greater pace

    Fredericks would be a good start, much better than Byram and cost effective

    Shaquiri is a bit risky but think he can add real excitment to our attack. Failing him go Adama Traore.

    A new CB, i like mawson but too expensive

    Think there are potential keepers in the foreign leagues who surely are upgrades coz i feel butland would cost too much

    New DM, Romeu or Dendocker seem good to me. Then a new tehcnically proficient CM like cairney

    Dont feel like we wil lget the investment that we need
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    It really all is down to the board. If we supposedly had a transfer kitty each season of about £30m at the Boleyn, and the move is worth about £10m a season, we should be looking at £40m a season net spend. However, this season, not only did we not spend our £40m, but we made a net profit of around £11m, so there should be in the region of £91m in the pot, on top of any outgoings.

    This season should be a real wake up call to G&S. Yes, but for Antonio's antics and a bent ref we would have been safe a while back, but relegation has been a real possibility all season and that's going to cost them much more in the long term than trying to save a couple on £m on a transfer for a player we need.

    Sullivan needs to step away from things, he's just not good enough and has made us a club others would prefer not to deal with, which again costs us money in the long run. I'm sure it was stated that a DOF or the equivalent was going to be brought in when the board were trying to appease the groups arranging the march, that person should already have been appointed to ensure we aren't scrambling around trying to sign them when they should already be here sorting out player transfers. Of course, it is possible an agreement has been reached with someone that won't be announced until the end of the season, but unfortunately I don't trust Sully to give any meaningful control to someone else and I suspect his grubby little fingers will be all over our transfer dealings again this summer.

    So, first and foremost, I want the board to trump up a decent transfer kitty, then I want them out of the way. Simples.

  • I was under the impression the DoF idea had been scrapped. ;hmm
  • Buffy, you want us to trump up. Surely not him.
  • We needed a transfer window that addresses the imbalance in the team and brings back some positivity to the fans as the club feels like it's dying a slow death of apathy at the moment Imo
  • Right, where was I? Been having a chat about this with him_indoors.

    Get shot of Hart, Evra and Maro. I know they are on loan but I do not want to keep them.

    Sell AC.

    Buy Luke Shaw, James Ward-Prowse and Jack Wiltshire.

    We neee a right back too if Sam Byram is not wanted.
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    Hart will go back to Man City even if S&G want him to stay because we can't afford his £175k pw wage packet.

    Mario will go back to Inter because they want £25m for him

    I doubt if Evra will stay unless he's got compromising photos of Moyes

    We're not going to sell AC unless he is prepared to take a wage cut as no one else is going to pay £80k a week for someone who spends so much time injured. He will see the out his contract and leave on a free next year.

    Moyes was at Fulham a few weeks ago, the assumption was he was checking out their RB Ryan Fredericks. Byram should stay as cover, Zab isn't going to last forever
  • Well that put me in my place ;lol
  • We're not going to sell AC unless he is prepared to take a wage cut as no one else is going to pay £80k a week for someone who spends so much time injured. He will see the out his contract and leave on a free next year.

    If no-one is prepared to pay £80k a week on Carroll, then he’ll have to take a pay cut. Whether that’s with us or someone else, I don’t know.
  • Birmingham mail saying Moyes will welcome back snodgrass next season
  • Adam said:

    If no-one is prepared to pay £80k a week on Carroll, then he’ll have to take a pay cut. Whether that’s with us or someone else, I don’t know.

    He doesn't have to take a pay cut with us as his contract doesn't run out until July 2019, after that he's no longer our problem.
  • According to the Belgian press Stuart Pearce was in Bruges yesterday scouting Dendoncker again.
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    Think transfers could be tricky for lots of clubs this year, with the World Cup and the shorter window.

    Would be great to get some business done before the World Cup started.

    The PL window opens on May 17th this year.
  • Players involved in the World Cup are always keen to wait until after, to sign a new deal/transfer in case they can boost their value.
  • Couldn't agree more Grey. Get it done before the World Cup even kicks off.

    Sadly, I suspect a lot of players won't commit until afterwards in case their options increase as a result of the tournament.
  • ;biggrin
  • Regarding WC I worry about Lanzini as I can see him getting game time and we may struggle to keep him,,,
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