Moyes v Allardyce

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  • Interested to hear views.

    I was thinking about Moyes Vs BFS in what they bring that is similar and how they are different.

    British managers, commitment & hard work are paramount, both bring organisation.

    But in my view we play better football with Moyes.

    Just curious if people had any thoughts on the comparison.
  • FWIW here are some stats. PL games only

    Win %:

    DM 2017/18: 26.7%
    SA 2014/15: 31.6%
    SA 2013/14: 28.9%
    SA 2012/13: 31.6%

    Points Per Game:

    DM 2017/18: 1.20
    SA 2014/15: 1.24
    SA 2013/14: 1.05
    SA 2012/13: 1.21

    Goals Scored Per Game:

    DM 2017/18: 1.40
    SA 2014/15: 1.16
    SA 2013/14: 1.05
    SA 2012/13: 1.18

    Goals Conceded Per Game:

    DM 2017/18: 1.53
    SA 2014/15: 1.24
    SA 2013/14: 1.34
    SA 2012/13: 1.39

    0 Goals Scored (% of total games)

    DM 2017/18: 20%
    SA 2014/15: 29%
    SA 2013/14: 39%
    SA 2012/13: 29%

    1 Goal Scored (% of total games)

    DM 2017/18: 47%
    SA 2014/15: 39%
    SA 2013/14: 26%
    SA 2012/13: 42%

    2+ Goals Scored (% of total games)

    DM 2017/18: 33%
    SA 2014/15: 32%
    SA 2013/14: 34%
    SA 2012/13: 29%
  • Moyes has the lowest win % of the four, but he has a competitive Points Per Game. We score WAY more goals with Moyes in charge than Sam, but we also conceded a lot more. Sam had a lot of games without us scoring (we didn't score in 39% of of league games in 2013/14).
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    Moyes gets my vote every day of the week.

    Allardyce was effective when he was here, and we had spells where we played good football, but he isn't a particularly progressive manager, IMO. Plus, I never took to him as a person (not that I've ever met him, mind). Comes across as very belligerent and has an air of arrogance that I don't think matches his abilities.

    Moyes I think has more of a quiet confidence about him, and speaks very articulately about the game. I think he'll prove to be a better manager than Allardyce (assuming he stays on) and I think our football will improve over the next couple years with him in charge.
  • I would say the best we played under Sam is similar to the best we have played under Moyes. When Sam had Sakho and Valencia playing a high energy, high press game I thought we were fantastic to watch. When we have employed similar tactics under Moyes I.E. TWO UP FRONT we have looked and achieved similar. The key is to play two quick, mobile forwards. The rot sets in when we isolate our lone forward. Play two high energy mobile forwards and "voila" we look a better side. Play Arnie up top with either Antonio, Hernandez, Lanzini or Hugill and Champions League here we come. ;scarf
  • OCS - Yeah I am certainly liking him more than I expected, I always had the impression that his was dour but not the case.
  • I like Moyes a whole lot better than I liked Allardyce.

    I'm glad I could be of help.

  • Madcap - Interesting, maybe then we already play with Moyes the best we did under BFS.

    So would you think then that we can expect it to get even better with Moyes?
  • Vorse, I think if Moyes stays we will undoubtedly get better. I think I was one of the few across many forums who wanted Moyes and I couldn`t understand the antipathy and negativity aimed in his direction. I have always liked Moyes, I think he is a first rate manager. I also liked BFS for a short time, but ended up quite disliking (hating) him. I think the man is an oaf. I think Moyes exudes an air of quiet, calm authority which demands respect. I would love Moyes to stay in the medium to long term and I`m sure that given time and reasonable funds (lolololol) we can worry less about relegation and look to qualify for Europe (on merit) and take the cups a little more seriously. I`m hoping we are his next Everton, but with the biggest digital screen in Europe. ;wahoo

    And I hope and pray that 3-4-1-2 becomes our default line up.
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    Mad ;ok
    Tho Europe worries me,,, under mr b seeming a total disregard ,, peeps on here would say ,,, the team are getting there fitness up,

    Now we know
    I ;pray Dave Moyes does better if we ever get that chance again.
  • I don’t have permission to edit,,,
    I was going to add mr A would do better, but we all know the answer to that
  • I liked Sam, but his last six months were awful. Looking back he did wonders with that squad. I think Sam plays great football with the right squad and situation, but that doesn’t happen often for him. I think Sam is only motivated by money now, for that reason I prefer Moyes. But a 50 year old Allardyce vs 50 year old Moyes, would be a close one.
  • I liked Sam to be honest and his worst six months for me coincided with not being backed in the January transfer window, his best signing was Nolan who I felt United our squad and the thanks Nolan got for that was to be slated on here by a few unfairly I felt as well after what he’d done, even allegedly coming here on less money he was offered elsewhere just to be reunited with Sam, having met him since he actually told me that hurt him
  • Prefer Moyes.
  • I am pretty certain Newcastle didn't want to pay Nolan the money he wanted and we did. I am not saying that Nolan only came for the money but we did pay him what he wanted.
  • Nolan was a good signing in 2011-12 but by 2014-15 he was well past his sell-by date. The following season he was struggling to play at League 2 level with Leyton Orient, the Os I know down the pub couldn't believe how bad he was.

    Sam's best signing was Adrian
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