Latest Injury (and Recovery!) Mews



  • when is the internatinal break think we may need it ;biggrin
  • edited August 2016
    Don't mention 'break' ;doh ;whome
  • Loan market has ages to go. Hang onto him till beginning of September.
  • No bench though

    Is Bench injured? I'l have to seat it to believe it!
  • McHammer said:

    No bench though

    Is Bench injured? I'l have to seat it to believe it!
    Oh dear. You've set a new benchmark for bad puns.

    I would suggest using the treatment table as backup for the bench, but I don't think that's gonna work.

    Hang on. Don't worry - now I know why we hired Dicks.
  • Don't hate on me! I meant to play left-back!
  • That's chair enough!
  • Hope there's still time to table an amendment to the team-sheet.
  • Seems we have too many fixtures and not enough furnishings.
  • Bung him a carpet and he'll be fine
  • Update on Ayew, from today's press conference (as reported on BBC).

    A decision will be made soon on whether or not he will have an operation. Depending on that .....
    "For Andre Ayew, there are two solutions, one with surgery and one without. We are going to decide which one soon," Bilic says.

    "He could be out for two and a half months or up to four
  • An operation after 32 minutes of his West Ham career ;angry Bonkers. No wonder no marquee signings want to come to us, we`re bloomping career ending.
  • Am I right in saying the following have all been club record signings for West Ham??

    Dean Ashton?


    Is it any wonder Bacca just made the announcement that he did today...
  • I'm assuming that Kouyate is the one who was injured, even though the WHU FB page tried to get you to believe otherwise, and because he was named on the bench?
  • ;hmm Are we sure anybody was injured?
  • Are we sure anybody wasn't injured?

    Ask not what West Ham can do for your injury but what injury you can do to yourself by playing for West Ham.
  • Bad news i twinged my knee at 5 aside this week so will have to numb the pain with plenty of liquid medicine Sunday ;cider the injury curse continues ;lol
  • PLF, just consider the consequences if you'd have injured your drinking arm ;weep
  • ...for 4 months ;nonono
  • OMG Expat, why would you even joke about such s thing?

  • I'd just use a straw.
  • Kouyate is looking like he's out for tomorrow.

    Payet and Nord back
  • Rather Payet and Obiang back tbh
  • Could someone change the title of this thread or delete it altogether. It's making me nervous.

    How about "There Is No New Injury News To Report". That would make me much happier.

  • But that would likely be a lie ;biggrin
  • I have passed a late fitness test and should be able to drink normally Tomorrow
  • ;wahoo

    I'll transfer you in to my team immediately!
  • I notice that the title has been changed but, as yet, no recovery news has been posted. Now I'm getting really nervous.
  • Is Kayoute injured or not?
  • yes and no............depends on who you read ;hmm
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