Latest Injury (and Recovery!) Mews



  • Feghouli hamstring out for a month from some rumours.
  • So it looks like Rush Green is working out well after blaming Chadwell Heath for all our injury woes ;biggrin
  • So in a couple of weeks we should be able to field:

    Byram - Reid - Ogbonna - Masuaku
    Noble - Kouyate
    Antonio - Lanzini - Payet

    Which is a solid enough team, but weaker than last season (no Cresswell) and with just one new addition.

    The injuries we can cope with. Let's not cry about them. The problem with the injuries are that we're now likely to just sacrifice the EL because of a lack of squad depth. Which some may be pleased with but I'm not.
  • jack posted the tweet he needs surgery 4 months out. 20 million just dropped in 33 minutes.

    That is one hell of a shopping trip ;diva ;handbag
  • ExWHUEmployee tweeted last night "I actually can't believe our luck" with a sad smiley, then deleted it. ;hmm

    Payet or Feghouli crocked long term?
  • Someone else is out for tonight another key injury
  • Take your pick but if it's Carroll then the whole West Ham universe is going to come to an end

  • How about Calleri

  • Right lay your bets it's the West Ham injury sweepstake

    I'll go Kouyate

  • Feghouli is my bet
  • Feghouli is listed on as hamstring; no return date.
  • Twitter saying it's Kouyate.

    So our midfield options for tonight are Noble, Obiang, Samuelsen and Oxford ;hmm
  • Samuelson didn't travel
  • Is he injured?

  • So Obiang and Noble tonight. Oxford first back-up.
  • Oh wow, this is getting bad.

    Feg, Payet, Lanzini, Kouyate, Cresswell, Ayew, Nordveit all injured ;weep
  • Kouyate now injured apparently. I think Antonio is going round DOING PEOPLE ;angry anyone but Byram so he has a chance of playing anywhere bar right back. Don`t mess with The Ant ;angry
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    Reckon it's Reid.

    ITK ;cool
  • Payet and Nordveit are only small knocks, both available for Sunday I think (unless they do something else beforehand)

    Feg is a hamstring, that could be a few weeks
    Lanzini is back soon
    Kouyate if it is him from today, sounds like a minor thigh injury
    Cresswell and Ayew obiously the more long term injuries, however i reckon Cresswell will be back ahead of schedule.
  • So what we have for Bournemouth

    Byram - Reid - Ogbonna - Masuaka
    Noble - Obiang
    Antonio - Payet/Tore - Valencia

  • That'll do.
  • No bench though
  • Samuelson didn't travel

    Why is this? I'd've thought tonight would be the perfect opportunity for Sam's Son to get a run out.

    Or is he injured too ;hmm
  • Got a loan lined up?
  • Samuelson didn't travel

    Why is this? I'd've thought tonight would be the perfect opportunity for Sam's Son to get a run out.

    Or is he injured too ;hmm
    I have no idea him not the manager


  • Youngsters certainly going to get playing time. Is Quina there ?
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    MrsGrey said:

    Got a loan lined up?

    Bit risky if that is the reason. Lanzini, Payet, Feghouli and Ayew all currently injured. Tore has been a bit sketchy. We could be in need of a No10 and Samuelsen is it at the moment as far as I can see
  • Only theorising ;ok

    Payet and Lanzini back soon, so imo if it's thought a loan is best for him to get regular games, we should let him go as he won't be getting them once those 2 players come back. Feghouli not out for too long either, as far as rumours go.

    Gotta invest in the long-term future of the player, for me.
  • I agree Mrs G, but I'd like to think we would hold off loaning him until, say, the end of the month. Otherwise we're setting ourselves up for a fall
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