Woolwich atrocity.

My heart goes out to the family of the person killed yesterday in woolwich.
My heart goes out to the people that witnessed such a thing.
I really dont know what to say....its times like this it goes beyond words.


  • Theres times that people and this world makes no sense......
    What happened yesterday was just pure evil.
    I do not understand mankind.
  • local ;ok

    The horrible thing about things like this is that it tends to bring out the worst in people. There are already reports of Mosques being attacked in Essex and Kent, and my Facebook and Twitter timelines last night were completely backlogged by people spouting bigotry and hatred. It was really upsetting.

    People of all races and religions should be coming together to mourn a tragedy, not arguing and attacking one another.

  • Ald hear here ;ok ;poppy
  • Absolutely horrible what happened. Couldn't put put it better than Ald, I'm not going to log onto facebook I don't want to read that stuff. I'm slightly worried at the response time of the police, could of been much worse.
  • Allgood,

    You should log on to facebook and then remove anyone who is spouting any sort of racist or BNP style rantings.
  • Ald - Mine was just as bad. People should be mourning and coming together, not spouting religious intolerence.

    Moojor - Good plan!
  • Moojor ;ok

    That's what I've done.

    I think the biggest issue is that most of the people saying things don't realise what they are saying or doing and are just swept up in the emotion of it all. The amount of people I called out on it yesterday who basically agreed with what I said about their comments, and didn't realise that what they had said was offensive.

    Too many people just go along with what others are saying, and that's how we get a culture where its okay to do and say racist things.
  • RIP soldier Boy ;poppy

    We dont need acts like this ! just a senseless waste ;puzzled
  • Crazy, absolutely crazy

  • Two people probably brainwashed by some hate preacher to believe what they are doing is in the name of Islam. They are wrong, people have always twisted religion to their own purposes through history included our own country but as always its innocent people who get hurt and the back lash will affect the innocent. A very sad day indeed
  • Moojor ;ok I'm going to do that now.
  • I had to delete about 8 people off my Facebook last night because of the racist bile they were spouting.

    Thoughts with the victim's family ;poppy
  • Brave lady....she put her own life at risk because she was worried about the kids in the local school....

    According to the paper, Cub Scout leader Ingrid Loyau-Kennett asked him: "Would you like to give me what you have in your hands?""He was covered with blood," she said. "I thought I had better talk to him before he starts attacking somebody else."

    I salute you from one scout to another your selfless bravery.
    ;clap ;bowdown
  • Really sickening. Looked like there were a few examples of people who weren't too scared to see if they could help the man, well done to them all.

    Fallout seems to be as bad, worse than Boston though. Been two attacks on mosques, one by a guy with knives and some sort of 'incendiary device' and I know people in Woolwich were scared to go out; in fact a lot of Muslims were scared to leave their houses yesterday. This is the murderers winning.

    It's still a really hard thing to process, it's just so disgusting what happened.
  • Outcast ;ok yes as you said....its just the murderer's winning. ...they've created a hornets nest of hate.
  • They were women Outcast, two woman stopped them from desecrating his body further.

    On Sunday when the EDL show up again we will stop them from desecrating his memory.

    When I didn’t like what the government was doing I spent a year in a tent at Greenham Common., I didn’t behead American servicemen or set fire to a McDonalds.
  • RIP Hero. ;poppy
  • How truly horrible. RIP young man ;poppy
  • RIP to the young soldier my thoughts go out to his family ;poppy
  • Police have searched a house in a village called Saxilby - about a 4 miles outside of lincoln - where I live - unfortunately Lincolnshire has a horrible underbelly of racism - combat18 used to recruit members in the 80's - if the EDL turn up here I will be out against them - we can't let these idiots stir up hatred against the many thousands of law abiding Muslims residing in the county - maybe it's time to move.

    A very sad day yesterday but I fear that the backlash could be even worse.

  • The Woolwich community are already mobalising, I shall be spending my Sunday standing outsie my local mosque protecting it from the EDL.
  • Most attacks are stopped due to tip offs from the muslim community..edl are just wrong in the head ;poppy
  • Suz, ;ok I didn't specify women because I don't know who exactly helped. Early stories said a man tried to stop them until the guy pulled a gun on him.

    Whupathman ;ok and the Woowlich Muslim community work very hard against extremism. As a community they keep an eye out for each other to know who's trying to radicalise people and deal with them.

    Encouraged this morning that all communities seem to be pulling together to stop this tragedy being turned into something political, pretty much every Muslim organisation has condemned and given condolences and politicians have dealt with it well. Hopefully we can now move on in a way that respects the memory of the man who was killed.
  • Absolutely shocking thoughts go out to the Soldiers family ;poppy

    The EDL are just looking for trouble and this is the ideal situation so they can make it all about them.

  • Sometimes I wish we just lock up all the idiots in one room and let them kill each other.

    In ever trouble zone 99% of the people just want to live their lives and get the best for their family.

    But you have the 1% who have their own destructive agenda or are just plans nuts that spoils it.

    "All we are saying, is give peace a chance."
  • Nobody can even begin to comprehend the actions of those two men yesterday. But what i will say, is that actions such as theirs do not deserve an immediate, hasty backlash from the general public calling for a ban and an attack on the Muslim community.

    The actions of the two men yesterday go far beyond any religious grounds, hence why their actions are known as 'fundamentalists' or 'extremists.' When Anders Breivik shot dead 90 plus people two years ago, there was no sudden backlash calling for the destruction of Christianity was there?

    We are all united in circumstances such as these. May the victim rest in peace, and may the charity of Help For Heroes prosper ever more.

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    Im gonna bring this up because my grandparents and parents generation mentioned it today. ...and im sure many others will be thinking or saying the same thing. ...
    Ive brought it up to debate it....to see what others think?

    Enoch Powells river of blood speech in Birmingham at a conservative meeting in 1958.

    Powell argued that although "many thousands" of immigrants wanted to integrate, he contended that the majority did not, and that some had vested interests in fostering racial and religious differences "with a view to the exercise of actual domination, first over fellow-immigrants and then over the rest of the population".

    Powell's peroration of the speech gave rise to its popular title. He quotes the Sibyl prophesies in the epic poem Aeneid, 6, 86–87, of "wars, terrible wars, / and the Tiber foaming with much blood."

    As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see "the River Tiber foaming with much blood."

    With a street in woolwich stained with blood We've not come to this have we?....please say he was wrong.......although im sure his rivers of blood quotation meant something else other then conflict.....or did it?

    Is his fears....his premonition becoming reality?
    Will the river thames one day be foaming with much blood?
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    LGH, no we haven't come to it. Because two people did this and that's it. Some reacted to it violently and yeah, maybe it was possible. What's overwhelmed me is that yesterday, my family were genuinely worried by some of the reactions we were seeing, worried about going out today and worried about people we know who live in Woolwich or areas where Muslims are more vulnerable but today i've been really encouraged by the way the nation as a whole seems to have reacted.
    Coming on this site and seeing the way a lot of people reacted is proof that we haven't come to 'river of blood', everyone's showed their unity and shunned the few who have tried to use a tragedy for a political agenda.

    Yesterday, the far-right were shouting the loudest, today they've been drowned out.

    There may be a social issue but it's not about people trying to exert dominance over British population, it's more to do with how people feel alienated e.g. when people say 'go back home', 'if you don't like this country, leave' it's hard to feel integrated...even if you're born here. If there's a problem, it's the political descendants of Enoch Powell.

    I hope, and think, we are moving past the political exploitation of this and can give proper respect to the man who died. (Not looking forward to Question Time tonight though).
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